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Today I celebrate 35 years of continuous sobriety.  I am so very grateful to a loving God and to Alcoholics Anonymous. A month or so ago, I had another nightmare about my former husband.  This time we were living in … Continue reading

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A Dream

I have so many roses in my garden, I don’t know which ones to go crazy over!  This is the Don Juan that didn’t do what it was supposed to.  It was supposed to be a climber.  I had pulled … Continue reading

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Another hovel in my dreams

I wish I would stop having these dreams.  Last night it was a horrible “garden level” apartment immersed in avocado green and I had just found microphones and cameras everywhere.  I knew I had to leave, but had nowhere to … Continue reading

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Me and My Babies

I always loved this picture of me and my infant daughters, and everyone else would say, “Mary, you look terrible in this pic!  You must have been so tired!”  I don’t care, I still love it.  My girls will be … Continue reading

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Another dream, another husband

I can’t help but wonder what is bringing on these dreams.  Did the loss of that tooth knock something loose in my mind?  So weird.  I usually don’t remember my dreams, and when I do, I only remember snippets and … Continue reading

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A Dream Remembered

I woke from a dream… but that’s  the end of the story… I just have to write this down. My dreams lately seem to be floating in time.  I am not always a 62 year old woman whose kids are … Continue reading

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Cold and Snowy

It is not headline news when it is cold and snowy in Colorado.  We are to expect such – it is, after all, winter.  My daughter just called, she was on her way to a conference in a southern Colorado … Continue reading

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I am having great difficulty thinking of anything to write about.  I am knitting a lot.  The above is a “mystery” project.  You buy the pattern, and then get “clues” each week for five weeks.  I have nearly finished clue … Continue reading

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Happiness – it’s a big job

There is a situation at work that I have been dealing with for months.  It is now to the point of having one-to-one meetings and very difficult conversations.  This is not fun. Yesterday morning I had an entirely new thought. … Continue reading

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S’posed to be off today…

Here’s one of my tired eyes.  I think I took this photo to see why my eye was itching or something like that.  You can see my eye is red.  I feel pretty red-eyed this morning.  It’s been a long … Continue reading

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