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A Chilly Monday Morning

Thinking about the amount of work I have piled up sort of takes my breath away.  But I have no meetings today and should be able to put my head down and just get stuff done.  Last week I made … Continue reading

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Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

In preparing for my sister’s visit, I have been working every weekend on getting my house visitor-ready.  I am now on the last frontier – my bedroom.  I am ashamed to admit that in a stack of shoeboxes, that I … Continue reading

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blogging in bed

  The place where this photo was taken last year is now under water.  A lot of water. The railroad through Colorado is not functioning due to washed out tracks.  I got revised tickets by e-mail today.  My sister and … Continue reading

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Gee Whiz

I wish I hadn’t said nothing works this morning.  It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I drove across town to see my shrink after work this afternoon, who thinks I am fine by the way.  On the way home, I … Continue reading

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Back into the Belly of the Beast

Nothing, nothing, nothing works!  Darnit!  I am trying to download iOS 7.0, and the last little milimeter on the download stick is stuck. I had to post a picture on this post to even get into the box where I … Continue reading

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Fragile infrastructure

As I was watching that phenomenal football game last night in my jammies, Mr. Doggie came and put his big face on my leg, and looked at me like that!  Dammit!  I didn’t mean to love him! I am sensing … Continue reading

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Autumn Monday Morning

There are no more birds singing in the morning, and at nearly seven a.m., the sun is just coming up.  (Why can’t we stop messing with the clocks and let it be “standard time” all year long?)  It’s a dreary, … Continue reading

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