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Oh dear.  My young friend from the running club got married.  Her reception is on Saturday.  I had planned to go.  She has two masters degrees in sustainability and works in that field.  Hence, she sent out an electronic invitation. … Continue reading

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Authenticity, maybe

Yesterday I stopped into my favorite running store.  The owner greeted me and commented that they hadn’t seen me for a while.  I told him I had to give up running, or even walking.  I told him I had walked … Continue reading

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The weekend looks endless from here

I walked by this bedroom this morning and thought it was too pretty to ignore.  I moved my computer over and here I sit, admiring the golden tree outside the window. I got up early enough to go swimming this … Continue reading

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S’posed to be off today…

Here’s one of my tired eyes.  I think I took this photo to see why my eye was itching or something like that.  You can see my eye is red.  I feel pretty red-eyed this morning.  It’s been a long … Continue reading

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Weirdness Abounds

My phone has decided that I live 55 miles away in Jefferson, Colorado.  Which is on the northern end of South Park – yes, that is a real place from whence the writers of the TV show of the same … Continue reading

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Damien of Molokai

Today is the feast of St. Damien of Molokai. I read his story a few years back, just before he was canonized.  An amazing man who happily left Belgium for a leper colony in Hawaii, eventually dying of leprosy.   … Continue reading

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8 Hours

This time last year I was wearing flip flops and drawing with chalk on my driveway – with my precious granddaughter.  If I were to try to reenact this today, I would be wearing Ugg boots, and trying to get … Continue reading

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