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Moving On…

Yesterday I wrote about other people.  I thought about it all night.  I don’t want to write negative things about people, so I deleted the post.  I don’t believe I have ever done that before, but I feel it is … Continue reading

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A Great Interview

The kitty has nothing to do with anything, except isn’t she sweet? I had a great job interview today.  I feel so happy about it.  I actually do want the job now that I have been to their offices and … Continue reading

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The Dawning of a New Day

The sky outside my window.  The colors do not show unfortunately.  There is just the slightest cast of pink along the roofline of my neighbor’s home.  It is just barely light.  Just barely. Last week was horrible.  I hate to … Continue reading

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They Can’t Change the Gospel

So my pastor told me this morning.  I told him how disturbed I am by the events of the last week at the Synod. Don’t worry, he told me.  They can’t change the Gospel.  No, they can’t.  But what if … Continue reading

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Monday Holiday

It’s a Monday Holiday.  Columbus Day.   I am at home with kitty.  She’s a good girl.  After seven months with me, she has grown quite affectionate, and doesn’t hide so much. The blog has felt like something that takes … Continue reading

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Oh dear.  My young friend from the running club got married.  Her reception is on Saturday.  I had planned to go.  She has two masters degrees in sustainability and works in that field.  Hence, she sent out an electronic invitation. … Continue reading

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Authenticity, maybe

Yesterday I stopped into my favorite running store.  The owner greeted me and commented that they hadn’t seen me for a while.  I told him I had to give up running, or even walking.  I told him I had walked … Continue reading

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