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Friday Pre-Dawn

I got my new glasses!  I am so happy with them.  They are purple, but I don’t think that is immediately noticeable, unless in bright sunlight.  When I am an old woman I shall wear purple.  F’reals. My poor little … Continue reading

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What about evil?

I am listening with interest to the response to the tragic loss of life over the weekend.  It’s tragic.  It is horrible.  It is becoming obscenely commonplace. The question is always asked:  What could we have done to prevent this? … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Spent some time in a downstairs bathroom on Saturday night listening to eerie sirens blaring, and hail pounding on the house.  I was afraid, which kinda surprised me. This is one photo of the hail.  It also pounded my garden … Continue reading

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Got to soak my feet in the creek for a few moments on Sunday afternoon.  It is the most wonderful thing to shed your shoes and put your feet into a stream.  Wonderful.  That was on my trip to attempt … Continue reading

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Niya Loves Yogurt

Weird, she has never been interested in my food before.  I left the dish of yogurt, blueberries, and flax seed cereal on the desk while I left the room.  When I came back, my cat was standing on the chair, … Continue reading

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Keepin’ On

Just keep on keepin’ on…. they used to say.  Put one foot in front of the other, and keep going.  When you find yourself in hell, don’t stop. I want to step off.  I want to leave my job, my … Continue reading

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Little bit of a freeze

Odd, this photo is clear on my phone, but somehow through the wizardry of sending it by e-mail, it became out of focus?  I wish I could synch my phone. In any event, this is my little garden, taken from … Continue reading

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In a bit of trouble here

Last week Thursday I found myself in a bit of a scary mess.  Running around like a nut as usual, I found that I had left the house without my phone.  I was at a medical appointment, and rifled through … Continue reading

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