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July 7

It is a month today since my sister died. Those three words “my sister died” still take my breath away. It is becoming my new reality, but it still feels raw and awful. Yesterday I had the first procedure of … Continue reading

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Plugging out of February

That’s a pizza I was so impressed with, I took its picture.  Who knows why.  I have no such home-made delight tonight.  I have spent the afternoon in the dentist’s chair, I will wait until the last of the novocaine … Continue reading

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In a Cold February

  That was the artwork on my whiteboard in my little cubicle a year ago.  I thought it was hilarious.  Now I am in an office sort of tucked away.  I have a whiteboard in the outer office, but no … Continue reading

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A Dream Remembered

I woke from a dream… but that’s  the end of the story… I just have to write this down. My dreams lately seem to be floating in time.  I am not always a 62 year old woman whose kids are … Continue reading

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Dental Disturbance

The day after I ordered my new and very fancy eyeglasses, a crown on one of my teeth cracked, causing great pain.  It was an amazing thing to realize that I could use my flexible spending account for the tooth … Continue reading

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The Permanency of Decisions

I have an old, old, friend.  He called last night.  We were friends in high school.  He was my first husband’s best friend.  I lost track of him for years until it was time for me to make amends at … Continue reading

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If I don’t write, how will I know what I think?

My title paraphrases someone, I am not sure who.  So apologies to whoever it is.  When I sit down to write every morning, I ask myself what the point is.  There was a time when I thought my blog (not … Continue reading

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