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Where to go? What to do?

I can see that I am at a crossroads in my life. I am in a new job. I am not 40, I am 61, and I feel every second of it. My hobby of the last 10 years, running, … Continue reading

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After the Dust Settles

  I am facing my first real problem at work.  It is a dandy.  My predecessor left me a big fat mess in her haste to retire.  It impacts one the beloved staff in my department, I have known her … Continue reading

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I have no idea why I took this photo.  Nor do I have any idea why I am posting it today.  I don’t feel like posting flowers or trails, creeks, or mountains.  Really I don’t know what I am feeling … Continue reading

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Soaking in the Creek

I wish this photo could do justice to the experience of sitting in that ice cold creek.  The rocks you see standing up are somehow balanced on one another.  It was divine.  Boulder is definitely its own world.   Again, … Continue reading

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Settling In

Settling in to my new life.  On Thursday evenings when I leave work, I get to stop at my church, which is only a quarter mile from my workplace, for Eucharistic Adoration.  Last night I picked up a booklet with … Continue reading

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At the meeting this morning one of my sponsees presented me with my 29 year chip.  When I saw those Xs, I got a shiver, goosebumps all over.  Imagine! This is a testament to God’s loving kindness and grace.  Of … Continue reading

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Twenty-Nine Years Ago Today

I took my last drink of alcohol (please Dear Lord).  I normally celebrate my first day of sobriety rather than my last day drinking, and will do so tomorrow, but I will not have time to write in the morning … Continue reading

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Joyfully Entering Another Week

Two little grandbabies… spent some lovely time with them on Saturday.  I ❤ those babies.  I wish this photo had been better composed and focused, however, taking photos of tiny children is not conducive to focusing or composing. Went to … Continue reading

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The Ascent out of the Hell of Depression

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?  I can assure you, it is not. This last bout with depression was horrifying.  I have been to depths never experienced by me before.  Me, who was first diagnosed with major depression at the age of … Continue reading

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After Two Weeks

I’ve been on the new job for two weeks now.  I am still ecstatic to be there!  I am, however, extremely tired.  I need to make a lot of decisions on this job.  In my last job, I was not … Continue reading

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