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Terrific Tuesday

I feel so clever and thrifty for salvaging these shoes.  I purchased them earlier this year and from the first time I wore them, I hated them.  The color was so over-the-top, I felt like a weirdo wearing them.  So, … Continue reading

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Grateful for Another Day

I went to my home group this morning to celebrate my birthday.  It turns out my daughter had texted a lot of people and told them to be there – which is something I would NEVER do, and a lot … Continue reading

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And on the mountain today….

I got out on the mountain at 8:30 this morning.  About 2 hours too late.  It was HOT.  And by the time I finished, it was crowded with mountain bikers.  It is not easy to share single track with bikers. … Continue reading

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And now for an Olympic Break….

After a week that was so hard for a Coloradan, it is such a relief to watch the Olympics.  And to have a young girl from the high school my nephews went to, from the high school that used to … Continue reading

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My Brain! My Brain!

On the highest paved road in North America.  It was like driving off the end of the world.  And that is kind of how I feel tonight. I am in the middle of three huge projects at work.  One is … Continue reading

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Into my 29th Year

These are my fragrant cloud roses, the roses that are so beautifully bright, they are virtually impossible to photograph.  This turned out blurry and I think it is pretty.  My table has roses, there is a candle burning in the … Continue reading

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Twenty-Eight Years

Twenty-eight years ago today, I woke up in desperation (again), and asked God for help.  I  made a phone call and was greeted by a young man who arranged to have a woman call me back to talk with me. … Continue reading

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Late July 2012

In the land of two of the most atrocious mass killings in recent history in the US, I swear we have all been kinder to one another over the last few days.  In all of my interactions over the weekend, … Continue reading

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It’s been a difficult 24 hours for one who lives in the Denver Metro area.  I was afraid when I got into the elevator at work.  Would someone I work with be devastated by the news?  My boss was the … Continue reading

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Prayers Please

Terrible. Terrible. Please say prayers for those effected by the massacre in Aurora. Children. It is heartbreaking. There is silence on this bus this morning as we all try to wrap our minds around what has happened. – Posted using … Continue reading

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