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Thirty-Four Years

  By the Grace of God, it was 34 years ago today that I took my last drink of alcohol. A couple of non-program people have asked me in the last couple of days “Have you really never ever had … Continue reading

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Nothing So Boring…

As listening to someone’s list of ailments.  So I will stop.   Or at least try to… The end of summer roses are already in bloom.  It is too early for this.  The crickets started their lovely nighttime serenade about … Continue reading

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Today is the first anniversary of my sister’s death.   That was the single most painful day of my life, and believe me, it had lots of competition.  That phone call.  My screaming “NO! NO! NO!” to my poor nephew. … Continue reading

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First Rose of 2017

A mere twelve days ago, this rose was encased in snow and ice.  I cannot believe it persevered and is now a beautiful rose.  It is a fragrant cloud and lives up to its name.  Very beautiful aroma.  It is … Continue reading

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More plugging

Back to work, back home, back to “normal.”  I think I’m ok most of the time and then see some evidence that I’m experiencing a new ok.  Every morning now my meditation includes weeping.  My drive to work is so … Continue reading

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New Roses

I finally got home on Monday evening, 28 hours after leaving New York City.  It was ridiculous the journey I was forced to take.  Never again for American Airlines or any flight that goes to or through Dallas Ft. Worth. … Continue reading

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Another Monday Morning

 There are three of these beautiful roses in my garden today.  The canes are tall, and the roses are beautiful.  It is amazing what a difference a whole lot of rain makes.  Watering can never do what God’s rain can! … Continue reading

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Another Rainy Morning

This is my most beautiful rose.  This year’s first bloom is a little bit hail battered, but still beautiful.  I just went outside to take a photo for the blog and there it was.  So, there I was, kneeling in … Continue reading

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Glorious Friday Morning

Little Roses.  There was a terrible storm last night and I feared that my little flowers would be lost to the pounding of hail, but my flowers are all still in tact.  It is 54º, with a slight breeze, and … Continue reading

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September Eleventh

This is a beautiful rose that is in my garden this morning.  On a cold and dreary September morning. I have been sick for 2 weeks.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday, who diagnosed a sinus infection.  I have … Continue reading

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