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The Last Day

 On my way to the 6:30 meeting last week, I got to see this sunrise.  I cropped the photo so that no highway signs or cars showed, but somehow that is not available on my camera roll.  I think I … Continue reading

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These Last Few Days

A rose in my neighbor’s garden.  If you use flash, it looks like it is glowing in the dark! I have four (work) days left before retirement, counting today.  It is getting down to the wire.  I have only one … Continue reading

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Some mornings I wake up and my fitbit will say I have walked 12 steps.  There’s something kind of cool about that.  I am doing 12 steps in my sleep. I barely slept last night.  Some nights are just like … Continue reading

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Three More Mondays

That’s me on the mountain yesterday.  What a beautiful day.  It was so good to be outside.  This has been a long year of treadmilling due to injuries and a surgery.  I don’t feel secure to go out into the … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty.  This was a gift from a friend for my AA birthday.  I think that was so sweet and it means a lot to me.  But I finally did realize why I find these little things disturbing.  That cat … Continue reading

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On the Road to Retirement

That’s my daughter, as she left for Montana on Sunday.  I asked if they wanted to take my rocking chair to put on the roof of the truck, it would complete the “Beverly Hillbillies” picture.  I was heartsick to see … Continue reading

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