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Effective September 1, 2015

I will be retired.  I will wake up that day and not have to be anywhere. I am relieved.  I am terrified.  I don’t know where the money will come from. Today I will write a letter and give it … Continue reading

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So many things..

Just browsed my photo stream for something to post here.  Found my latest skein of yarn.  I have not finished anything since February.  Never in my life have I lost my enthusiasm for knitting, but I have now.  I thought … Continue reading

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My New Reality

I am canning peaches this morning.  They are gorgeous peaches from Grand Junction.  The only problem is that they are “clingstone” peaches.  They are very difficult to slice in any way that is pretty.  But they sure do taste good. … Continue reading

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Thirty-One Years Ago Tonight

I took my last (please God) drink of alcohol.  I will celebrate my sobriety date tomorrow, because it is the celebration of my sobriety, and I celebrate the day I got sober. Tonight is just like that night 31 years … Continue reading

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The Dawning of a New Day

The sky outside my window.  The colors do not show unfortunately.  There is just the slightest cast of pink along the roofline of my neighbor’s home.  It is just barely light.  Just barely. Last week was horrible.  I hate to … Continue reading

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Some more trickery

I was talking with a work frenemy yesterday and she suggested that I NEED to have a trip on the horizon.  We discussed possible locations of this vacation and agreed that I should visit my best friend in Cornwall.  She … Continue reading

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Another Monday Morning

 There are three of these beautiful roses in my garden today.  The canes are tall, and the roses are beautiful.  It is amazing what a difference a whole lot of rain makes.  Watering can never do what God’s rain can! … Continue reading

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