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Finding Myself

Yes, Birkenstocks with hand knit socks.  The Birkenstocks are new.  The socks are probably close to 20 years old… from the last period in my life when I might have thought Birkenstocks were stylish.  I ordered the birks (from Nordstrom … Continue reading

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7 Weeks Into my New Life

I got a new computer yesterday and this is the first thing I am writing with it!  I haven’t got the photos figured out, hence this is not the photo I wanted to use.  But there is a limit to … Continue reading

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My Last Day of Work

Hi There Friends! Today I am going to work for the last time and I couldn’t be happier.  I have no doubts, regrets, or sadness.  Probably I needed this year to transition into retirement because I was not ready a … Continue reading

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Happy and Wonderful News!

One night in late November, I was so tired that when driving home I almost hit a concrete barrier in the road.  I was so tired I didn’t care.  I just kept driving, at 80 mph.  When I got home, … Continue reading

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September Eleventh

This is a beautiful rose that is in my garden this morning.  On a cold and dreary September morning. I have been sick for 2 weeks.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday, who diagnosed a sinus infection.  I have … Continue reading

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Emerging from a nightmare headache

What a weekend!  What an Easter!  What a migraine! Three full days of sickening blinding scorching nauseating migraine.  Yesterday, while bed-ridden at home, I decided that if I didn’t feel better today I was going to the doctor.  I almost … Continue reading

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It’s Spring

In Colorado, that usually means it is time for some massive snow storms.  March has the most snowfall of all the months here.  But there are buds on the trees, the lilac bush looks like the leaves are about to … Continue reading

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