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Training and Injury

That little injury of my right foot has been diagnosed as a Morton’s Neuroma.  My doc ruled out a stress fracture by way of x-ray.  I was resigned to this, but then remembered a chiropractor who had been part of … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Heading into a holiday weekend, gratefully.  I filled up this past weekend with too much activity and ended up with a migraine and a sleepless Saturday night.  I was a bit afraid of inactivity, but I must remember that, as … Continue reading

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More plugging

Back to work, back home, back to “normal.”  I think I’m ok most of the time and then see some evidence that I’m experiencing a new ok.  Every morning now my meditation includes weeping.  My drive to work is so … Continue reading

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New Roses

I finally got home on Monday evening, 28 hours after leaving New York City.  It was ridiculous the journey I was forced to take.  Never again for American Airlines or any flight that goes to or through Dallas Ft. Worth. … Continue reading

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Heading home

There were horrific thunder storms in Texas last night.  I got stuck in a plane circling Dallas & landing in Houston to refuel, then coming back to Dallas.  I missed my connecting flight home, and ended up sleeping on the … Continue reading

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A death too soon

My beloved sister died suddenly on Tuesday afternoon.  She died at work, at her desk. For some reason I never ever thought she might die before me.  She was a high-energy, never-stop person.  She wore me out whenever we were … Continue reading

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Training and Thinking

And flowers… The peonies are in flower.  YAY.  They are some of my faves. I got up early on Saturday and headed to the pool.  I got my 750 meters done in 23 minutes.  I was thrilled because when I … Continue reading

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A new flower to love

Last year I planted clematis in anticipation of a climbing vine with gorgeous purple flowers.  I had to wait a year, but it has come to be!  Love this!  I once had a climbing rose on this trellis, but it … Continue reading

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