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April Wednesday

Little Geranium seedlings, grown from seeds from the geranium I grew from seeds 2 years ago.  Oh, it is fun to watch these grow. I am now four months into retirement.  It is far more challenging than I had anticipated. … Continue reading

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I didn’t mean to leave…

There’s sweet kitty, sitting in the bedroom window.  She is such a good kitty. I didn’t mean to leave.  I am sorry if I worried anyone.  I always think it is rude of others to leave without notice and cause … Continue reading

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Shifting Enthusiasms

The Chicago Peace rose that I love so much.  It has many buds on it and will keep producing beautiful roses, until the heat of summer is fully established, then it will rest for a while until the cooler days … Continue reading

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May I vent?

There is too much good stuff going on and I am completely and totally overwhelmed.  I have a migraine too.  My left eye is swollen and dripping, which is what happens when I have a migraine.  I feel brain damaged. … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

Going to Mass this morning on my way to work.  I’ll spend the day with ashes on my forehead.  Which will cause at least a few embarrassing moments.  Someone will give a subtle sign that I have dirt on my … Continue reading

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Pondering Lent

Lent begins tomorrow.  I am still pondering what I shall do to observe it.  Last year I had the most meaningful Lent of my life.  I gave up buying clothes, which I just thought was one of those frivolous things, … Continue reading

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Gaudete Sunday

Heading out in a minute for Mass.  I love Gaudete Sunday and purchased a special pink sweater for the occasion several years ago.  I wear it on Gaudete Sunday in Advent and Laetare Sunday in Lent.  I know it is … Continue reading

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