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Shifting Enthusiasms

The Chicago Peace rose that I love so much.  It has many buds on it and will keep producing beautiful roses, until the heat of summer is fully established, then it will rest for a while until the cooler days … Continue reading

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Another hovel in my dreams

I wish I would stop having these dreams.  Last night it was a horrible “garden level” apartment immersed in avocado green and I had just found microphones and cameras everywhere.  I knew I had to leave, but had nowhere to … Continue reading

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Another dream, another husband

I can’t help but wonder what is bringing on these dreams.  Did the loss of that tooth knock something loose in my mind?  So weird.  I usually don’t remember my dreams, and when I do, I only remember snippets and … Continue reading

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My dog fear story

Last night I stopped at Petco to get my little Dante a collar and leash.  We went for a long walk and I swear he has stopped giving me the stink eye.  The sidewalks are still covered with ice and … Continue reading

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Another dog

My son’s little dog has come here to stay for a while.  On the same day that my daughter and HER dog moved into their apartment.  It seems maybe I am supposed to have a dog? Today my son heads … Continue reading

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Gee Whiz

I wish I hadn’t said nothing works this morning.  It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I drove across town to see my shrink after work this afternoon, who thinks I am fine by the way.  On the way home, I … Continue reading

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My Life as a Big Shot

Now I have completed 3 days on the new job.  And I am having deja vu while typing this.  Crazy!  Anyway, it feels out of control.  1.5 jobs for 1.0 person is kinda difficult.  They are both big jobs.  One … Continue reading

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