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Lunch at my Desk

Yesterday I walked over to Pho-natic to pick up my tofu noodle bowl to eat at my desk.  It was delicious! I was able to finish the work I was afraid I was going to have to put in nights … Continue reading

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Lilacs of Late May

  Usually I can think of songs about any flower in my garden.  For lilacs, the only thing that comes to mind is the poem by Walt Whitman about Abraham Lincoln’s death, When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d.  I’ll admit, … Continue reading

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A Storm is Rolling Through

Distant thunder serenaded me as I awoke this morning.  It came closer, and the rain started.  Big thunking drops of water, lovely sounds against my roof and skylights. The little black sleeveless dress and little black sandals laying on my … Continue reading

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I can wear white shoes today!!!

I don’t have any white shoes, but if I did, I could wear them today.  Right?  After Memorial Day? I can also go to work today.  I am working out at the hospital this morning, and then back downtown this … Continue reading

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Decoration Day 2013

Every year on Memorial Day, I go outside and take a picture of my front porch and flag.  I swear, this picture looks just like I feel – kind of tired and limp.  I am in the process of scraping … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday

That’s a photo from the beginning of the run yesterday.  The morning was cool and beautiful.  The mountains were stunning in the distance (which you can barely see in the photo).  It was nice.  And then…. it got hot… real … Continue reading

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I’ve been awake since just before 1 a.m.  Now I need to drive across town to meet my group and run 12 miles.  I can’t think of anything I would less like to do right now.

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Holiday Weekend Ahead

  My daughter gave me the little flower between my monitors on Mothers Day.  She said “take it to work with you Momma, it will cheer you up.”  No, my daughter is not three years old, she is in her … Continue reading

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Finding Places to Pray

I did walk to the church with the outdoor Stations of the Cross yesterday.  There was a crew of landscapers in action there.  That had not been what I was expecting; I was dreaming of a silent place in the … Continue reading

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11 Days and Counting

No, not till the end of my job.  But till the first day of the iccon (deliberately misspelled) workshop I am attending the week of June 3-8.  I need to start preparing, with meditation, prayer, fasting, and confession.  How wonderful! … Continue reading

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