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Last Day of January

It is hard to tell what the subject of this photo is.  There are small tender leaves erupting from the ground.   The photo is in my library from a previous year.  It is a hopeful thing to consider that … Continue reading

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Yesterday I worked at home in the morning.  Nice peaceful work.  No psychodrama. In the afternoon I went out to a couple of meetings at the place I worked for so long.  People were truly happy to see me.  Based … Continue reading

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A tiny ray of light

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I woke this morning and thought about things I would LIKE to do today.  Realized my hand doesn’t hurt much today.  Thought I could get in 4 or 5 miles on the treadmill.  Get ready in time to meet my … Continue reading

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More than I thought

How did I do this?  I waltzed into that hospital yesterday thinking I was having a tiny, minor, nothing procedure.  What a shock to put on a hospital gown, put the paper surgical shower cap on my head and little … Continue reading

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Surgery Today

I don’t know if I shared here that I am having surgery on my left hand.  Today is the day.  I’m very excited about the prospect of having a thumb that works.  Not so excited about the prospect of a … Continue reading

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Every now and then I will deviate from my blog’s usual topics and go political, current affairs, or celebrity.  I usually regret it.  Today is no exception.  I wrote this morning my heartfelt reaction to the inauguration.  After 12 hours … Continue reading

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On This Day

Today President Barack Obama will be inaugurated for his second (and last) term.  This event coincides with the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday.   I don’t have to like this president to be in awe of the significance and … Continue reading

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Photos and Thoughts

I took this photo from the bus on one day this week.  The bus passes by this french restaurant every day.  I often think – I should get one of my friends to go there with me.  I have never … Continue reading

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Why I need friends

I was just sitting here considering what I would write.  I was deciding how much I want to share about my worsening depression and desperation about it.  Also my total lack of confidence in the care I am receiving – … Continue reading

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Why I don’t blog at night

This is a confessional door.  I feel like I need to be there.  This weekend I will. If you see the post below, you will understand why I don’t blog at night.  It is best for me not to fan … Continue reading

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