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I’ve got a problem

Two weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I heard a great deal of sawing and clinking and wood being thrown around.  I wondered who was doing all this work, and looked out the window, but didn’t see anything. Later I … Continue reading

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I’m finding myself changing, without even meaning to. I’m finding a ridiculous amount of joy in knitting with the ladies on Friday night.  They are some amazing women!  There are more masters degrees and PhDs among that little group of … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Can’t upload any photos this morning.  My phone won’t synch at all, and I don’t feel like spending hours of my Sunday figuring it out and fixing it.  There are limits! Went to a meeting this morning and found out … Continue reading

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Someone’s late for a 10:00 meeting with me, so why not blog for a min? Still struggling with a tiny seed of a migraine lurking behind my left eye. But I have a new medication (not imitrex) if needed. I … Continue reading

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Emerging from a nightmare headache

What a weekend!  What an Easter!  What a migraine! Three full days of sickening blinding scorching nauseating migraine.  Yesterday, while bed-ridden at home, I decided that if I didn’t feel better today I was going to the doctor.  I almost … Continue reading

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May I vent?

There is too much good stuff going on and I am completely and totally overwhelmed.  I have a migraine too.  My left eye is swollen and dripping, which is what happens when I have a migraine.  I feel brain damaged. … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

At my desk, eating lunch. – I am feeling so disconnected to Holy Week this year. I just asked for a couple if hours off tomorrow afternoon so I can go to church on Good Friday. Last year I was … Continue reading

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On Wednesday Morning

Hard to tell what this is a photo of, I will happily tell you.  While knitting with the great knitters at the yarn shop on Friday night, we lifted the blinds when the sun went down and saw this car! … Continue reading

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Watching my garden die.

This morning I fed the cat at 4:45 and went back to sleep for nearly 4 hours!  I slept until 8:30 – and then stayed in bed until 9:30.  It is now 1:30, and it feels like it should be … Continue reading

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Finding a Path

This is the front flower bed where my favorite tulips and rose bushes live.  I spruced it up last week with mulch (@ $2 a bag!).  It was formerly rocks on top of weed barrier.  I managed to finally get … Continue reading

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