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I finished the sweater last night!  YAY!  I actually like it and it actually fits!  I took a lot of time with this one and really worked on getting it right, not just “good enough.”  It is not the most … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday Morning

Note:  I can see that I should have cleaned the lens of my camera, I didn’t really intend for these photos to have a “misty-moody” look, but they do. Part 1 of 2 mitts for my 14 year old granddaughter. … Continue reading

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Treadmill v. Blog

That is my choice as I sit here.  I could easily get on the treadmill and do 3 miles in the amount of time it takes to write one post.  It would be lovely to have more time than I … Continue reading

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It’s Spring

In Colorado, that usually means it is time for some massive snow storms.  March has the most snowfall of all the months here.  But there are buds on the trees, the lilac bush looks like the leaves are about to … Continue reading

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Micro-mini tri

On Sunday, I rode my bike 1/4 of the bike distance. On Monday, I ran/walked 57% of the run distance. Today, Tuesday, I swam 80% of the swim distance. I am in the worst shape with regard to the bike. … Continue reading

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Follow Your Arrow

  I finished the mystery knit along last weekend.  This is the shawl that resulted.  It is so pretty!  Here is a detail: I took a bike ride yesterday on the most glorious Sunday afternoon.  I discovered that if you … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

That’s a picture of the pool at the rec center I joined this month.  I am about to head out to go swim laps there.  Very happy about that. This week turned into a big challenge at work.  I worked … Continue reading

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