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Every morning, I heat water and pour it over a cone filter with fresh ground coffee, and allow it to drip directly into my cup.  For my one cup of coffee.  I have a coffee maker for when I have … Continue reading

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Two days until the race!  Yippee!  I was talking with my daughter about it yesterday and she said, very sheepishly, “um, you know, I am really thinking I want to run another marathon.”  So we started with the web searches. … Continue reading

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Another Autumn Morning

Yesterday when I got home from work I was so tired, I wanted to go to bed.  Instead I laced on my running shoes and headed out the door for a walk.  I cut across a park and when I … Continue reading

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Wednesday Morning

Woke to the ringing of milk bottles being carried to the little box on my front porch.  The sounds and smells of rain on grass and fallen leaves.  As I write, I am eating my morning slop of steel cut … Continue reading

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Amber Ribbon?

Yesterday I wrote about one little moment in my history with domestic violence.  I was taken aback by a couple of comments.  People who grew up in the shadow of alcoholism and violence.  It leaves a mark.  We survive, we … Continue reading

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The Coast is Clear, Bring on the Nightmares!

For about a week now, I am having the same recurring nightmare.  With minor variations, but the same thing every night.  I am back with my violent ex-husband.  He is being violent.  My daughters are with me, sometimes my son … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

It’s truly Autumn!  And I truly get to sit on my sofa and blog!  And there are real football games on the television!  There is an afghan I knit eleven years ago while I was glued to the TV watching … Continue reading

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