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Western meadowlark song

The song of the western meadowlark was one of the most striking features of my hike on Friday.  If I close my eyes, I’m taken back to Eastern Alberta, the summer of 1990. Pretending to be Canadian.  I didn’t like … Continue reading

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Resting Meadow

I wish you could hear the creek roaring just beyond this field of dandy lions.  We’ve had a very wet spring and all of the bodies of water are full.  I love that bike riding forces me out doors because … Continue reading

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Spring flowers

Three weeks ago everything here was buried under several feet of snow.  The lilac bush was flattened under the weight of the snow and was laying on the ground.  Mother Nature is capable of incredible recovery!  This is amazing to … Continue reading

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This is my swimming data from yesterday.  It’s pretty bad.  I used to swim 750 meters in less than 25 minutes without even trying.  Thank God I still like swimming because that will make it easier to put in the … Continue reading

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Training notes

The photo is from a morning last week, waiting for the light rail to take me to the train to take me to the bus that takes me to work.  How wonderful not to drive! I have decided to write … Continue reading

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First Monday in May

Just starting my training for an August Triathlon.  I am severely out of shape.  Did my first brick workout last weekend.  5 miles on the bike followed immediately by a one mile run.  Cuz those distances are actually challenging to … Continue reading

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