Cold and Snowy

IMG_5877It is not headline news when it is cold and snowy in Colorado.  We are to expect such – it is, after all, winter.  My daughter just called, she was on her way to a conference in a southern Colorado city, she decided to turn around and come back to Denver after having a near accident.

This photo is actually from last year.  This cross is in a beautiful little outdoor prayer area at the church closest to me.  I wish I could go to that church.  I could walk!  But I can’t.  There is so much chicanery there.  Things such as the lector deciding to change the BIBLE into gender neutral language.  Crazy sermons e.g.. a deacon saying that if his dog can’t come to heaven with him, he would rather not go.  But there is also a lovely, vibrant community, full of young families and boisterous get-togethers.  I wish I had that at my little old traditional church…..  Anyway, I digress.

Last night I dreamed about getting out of this house and into a condo.  When I woke this morning, I did a google search for condos in my area.  There are two for sale in the same community my daughter (the responsible twin) lives in.  I covet her condo.  She has a 2 car attached garage, walks into her house and the first thing you see out of huge window in her living room is a stellar view of the front range.  Two bedrooms, two baths.  All on one level.  She shovels no snow, mows no grass, cleans no gutters, etc.  That little community is in the background of the photo above.

Now, my daughter would rather her mom did not move quite that close to her!  I am only a mile away as it is.  But I would dearly love a condo just like hers!  Maybe if it were on another street?  With no view of her home?

Should I talk to a realtor?  My plan for the new year was to call the realtor who specializes in this area and get them to come over and give me a free consultation.   Like how much equity I have in this house.  What it would realistically cost me to sell and buy another home.  What a NICE condo would cost.  Is it worth the pain involved in doing all of this?

My objectives for moving would be to lower my monthly expenses, and to get a place where I can live into old age.

Prayer, that is what I will do for now.


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8 Responses to Cold and Snowy

  1. Annette says:

    I think the condo sounds wonderful! I miss the fellowship and family in being a part of a church. I don’t miss the judgementalism, the busy bodies and them feeling like they have a God given right (commision) to share their opinions of your life with you. I don’t know if one is possible without the other anymore.

  2. Kathy says:

    Why not talk to a realtor! You will gain info that you want and you can always postpone a move if its not the right time!

  3. lulu says:

    At my home group meeting yesterday I was talking to a friend who loves to knit and crochet about your mystery knitting project. She sounded very interested in doing something like that so I told her I’d get some information about it and send it to her. I googled mystery knitting etc.. but since I don’t know the first thing about knitting, I’m having trouble figuring out what’s good information to give her. Can you share with me how she could involved in doing something similar to what you’re doing? I don’t know that she’ll want to, but she asked me to find out more, so I’m trying to help!

    PS Why not call a realtor and at least get some information–what have you got to lose? It’s always good to know your options whether or not you decide to act on that information at this point. Good luck!

  4. The pattern is on This is a link:

    The link may only work if you are signed in to ravelry. If not, just go to ravelry and enter “follow your arrow” in the search box. It is super fun.

  5. Just fyi…. Part of the reason I don’t call a realtor is because I would have to thoroughly clean the house – including garage and closets. ick.

  6. Syd says:

    I don’t like condos but then again, not many people would want the work that we have to do here. The landscaper told us today that the landscape plan will result in less work. Now that makes me smile.

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