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43 degrees and torrential rains

A suddenly typical late spring morning in Colorado.  It wears on a person’s nerves.  My garden is growing like crazy.  I have to pull weeds every single day!  I don’t mind 🙂  It is strange to go outside and feel … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Spent some time in a downstairs bathroom on Saturday night listening to eerie sirens blaring, and hail pounding on the house.  I was afraid, which kinda surprised me. This is one photo of the hail.  It also pounded my garden … Continue reading

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Watching my garden die.

This morning I fed the cat at 4:45 and went back to sleep for nearly 4 hours!  I slept until 8:30 – and then stayed in bed until 9:30.  It is now 1:30, and it feels like it should be … Continue reading

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Springtime in the Rockies

This was the view from my bedroom window when I woke up this morning.  So much for working in my garden.  It’s a lovely excuse to be lazy though.  Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and dry everything off … Continue reading

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Friday Morning

I’m longing for my roses again, can you tell?  Soon, soon, soon.   It should be a good year for them.  We have had moderate amounts of snow – all winter long.  Which makes for better snow pack than warm … Continue reading

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First Friday in March

Yesterday I found my training log from 2005.  Training for a triathlon.  It was a good triathlon, I had fun and I finished well.  I am looking at the tiny little workouts I did in preparation for that and trying … Continue reading

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Itchy for Spring

My neighbor’s crocus are up.  It is a lovely thing to see.  I admire them for pushing through the ice and snow, every single year.  Getting more snow dumped on them, and still springing back.  They rock.  Tulips do too. … Continue reading

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