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A Great Interview

The kitty has nothing to do with anything, except isn’t she sweet? I had a great job interview today.  I feel so happy about it.  I actually do want the job now that I have been to their offices and … Continue reading

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My New Reality

I am canning peaches this morning.  They are gorgeous peaches from Grand Junction.  The only problem is that they are “clingstone” peaches.  They are very difficult to slice in any way that is pretty.  But they sure do taste good. … Continue reading

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Plugging out of February

That’s a pizza I was so impressed with, I took its picture.  Who knows why.  I have no such home-made delight tonight.  I have spent the afternoon in the dentist’s chair, I will wait until the last of the novocaine … Continue reading

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Monday morning

Breakfast at the hotel in Rome. There are no words…. Back to work today. Here’s what I endeavor to do: work to the best of my ability, being cognizant that I bring a lot to the table, in my experience, … Continue reading

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Takeaways from Rome Trip

I’m going to put a more positive post on top of this, so if you have found yourself at THIS post, you will find a reflective Mary.  Not a “Wow!  What a great time I had in Rome!” I traveled … Continue reading

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Lunch at Chick-fil-A

I never eat fast food, so I had to ask the young man taking my order, “what do people order here?” I took his advice except changed the sandwich from fried to grilled, My sponsor told me I had to … Continue reading

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43 degrees and torrential rains

A suddenly typical late spring morning in Colorado.  It wears on a person’s nerves.  My garden is growing like crazy.  I have to pull weeds every single day!  I don’t mind 🙂  It is strange to go outside and feel … Continue reading

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