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Almost mid-week

It’s just started snowing again.  Not the blizzard-like snow of Sunday, but snow just the same.  We got a foot of snow on Sunday, and now at least another inch so far this morning.  It is good for our spring, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Blizzard

I am more excited about this storm than a person probably should be.  Somehow I slept until 8 o’clock this morning, which is phenomenal.  At that time the snow had been falling for a few hours, but it was coming … Continue reading

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Snowy, Icy Morning

Last night I looked out at the snow and saw that my solar lit cross was shining through.  I wouldn’t go outside for a close-up though so this is through the window. I am in an uber hurry this morning. … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

The sun rose invisibly this morning.  Too many dark clouds to see the sun.  There is a  dreary steel grey pall that portends a snowstorm.  I will welcome the snow, but will not enjoy the messy commutes. The news this … Continue reading

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Tuesday – Day 4 of 4

Yesterday I got to spend an hour holding this little fellow.  Oh my goodness.  What a wonder it is to see your children’s children.  And to hold a little baby so close and watch the expressions on his tiny face. … Continue reading

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Monday – Day 3 of 4

This morning I woke and thought, I can bake bread today!  If I start by 6, I should have a nice loaf to take to my son’s family when I visit this morning.  I may be pushing right up against … Continue reading

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Sunday – Day 2 of 4

  Look at what I found in my garden today!  The little tulips are peeking to see if it is safe to bloom.  It will be another month or six weeks until we have actual flowers, but what a wonderful … Continue reading

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Saturday – Day 1 of 4

  The cross at the outdoor Stations of the Cross that I love so much. Yesterday I went to therapy and this young social work intern was able to say something that persuaded me to open my checking account and … Continue reading

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As frivolous as I get these days

I have not posted a photo of shoes for a very long time.  The other night I did a foolish thing.  I went to a retail store to make a payment on my account.  When I saw the “70% off … Continue reading

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1st Thursday in Lent

On Sunday, I stopped at a nearby church with outdoor stations of the cross.  It is a beautiful way to pray, even if it was cold and snowy.  I saw a deer while I was there…   I was able … Continue reading

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