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The Last Friday of 2013

This is the City and  County of Denver building, all lit up for Christmas.  Obviously, it was a drive-by photo, and not a good one. I am hoping to find time over the weekend to write up a plan and … Continue reading

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Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

In preparing for my sister’s visit, I have been working every weekend on getting my house visitor-ready.  I am now on the last frontier – my bedroom.  I am ashamed to admit that in a stack of shoeboxes, that I … Continue reading

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20 years ago…

  My dad died on August 29, 1993.  Now 20 years ago.  Many people experience profound changes in their attitudes when their last parent dies and I was no exception. I was living in a terrifying marriage.  My dad’s death … Continue reading

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Me and the Deacon, or why I have so far to go.

I bought my house now nearly 12 years ago.  It was September 2001, that momentous time.  From the beginning, I was heartbroken over my backyard space.  Whenever I have looked for a place to live, whether it was an apartment, … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

I think this is what I was doing a week ago.  I am glad now that I took that vacation.  I am already exhausted from my new job!  Happy exhausted, but exhausted just the same.  For some of the same … Continue reading

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A New Chapter Begins

There is no photo to add today.  I don’t have one from this chapter in my life.  This is all new. I didn’t even do what I always do.  I did not purchase one single item of new clothing for … Continue reading

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When Your Narrative Changes

I think I figured out why seeing my long, long friend and hearing from my high school friend on Sunday morning caused me to cry.  It really did feel like sadness, but I knew it was happiness.  It was because … Continue reading

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