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Race Report

The race was great!!!  My hope going in was just to finish without embarrassing myself.  Seriously, I just didn’t want to crawl across the finish line last.  But it wasn’t like that at all. The swim was difficult because of … Continue reading

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2 weeks, 6 days

That’s me being happy on my bike, after an open water swim.  I have gotten so I love my weekend trips down to the lake for an early morning swim.  Before anyone else is in the water.  The sunlight gleaming … Continue reading

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A new flower to love

Last year I planted clematis in anticipation of a climbing vine with gorgeous purple flowers.  I had to wait a year, but it has come to be!  Love this!  I once had a climbing rose on this trellis, but it … Continue reading

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Easter Monday

Last week we got clobbered with a blizzard, so these flowers got buried in snow, and remain so.  Apparently we are expecting more snow today.  And Wednesday. There is a planned trip to Utah this weekend, but we are discussing … Continue reading

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One week on the job

Last week on Monday, I drove across town to start a new job.  As I got into the car and headed out, I was elated to be back in the workforce.  Back in the traffic.  Back in the hustle and … Continue reading

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Another Monday Morning

 There are three of these beautiful roses in my garden today.  The canes are tall, and the roses are beautiful.  It is amazing what a difference a whole lot of rain makes.  Watering can never do what God’s rain can! … Continue reading

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Fourteen Months

My favorite rose.  The Fragrant Cloud.  This one beautiful rose looks stunning in the flower bed outside my front door.  The Chicago Peace has three buds on it, so be prepared for photos of those.  They are beautiful.  But the … Continue reading

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