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Moving On…

Yesterday I wrote about other people.  I thought about it all night.  I don’t want to write negative things about people, so I deleted the post.  I don’t believe I have ever done that before, but I feel it is … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

Went over to Red Rocks a couple of days this week to do the stairs.  It is such a good workout, and restorative mentally as well.  The mountain air, the other people, and the history of the place are very … Continue reading

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What about evil?

I am listening with interest to the response to the tragic loss of life over the weekend.  It’s tragic.  It is horrible.  It is becoming obscenely commonplace. The question is always asked:  What could we have done to prevent this? … Continue reading

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Heat Wave

It is above freezing this morning!  It feels down-right balmy!   Maybe I can take a walk outside today. Work gets busy again in January, and I am grateful for that.  There were many things I should have gotten done … Continue reading

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Sedate Sunday

This morning the world is covered with glittering snow.  On a very cold morning.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees, I took a long walk around a nearby town, with a thriving downtown that is actually quaint and nice without being … Continue reading

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Pizzelles and Posole

I spent yesterday making pizzelles and posole.  The pizzelles are spread all over my kitchen, soon to be bundled up into squares of cellophane, beribboned and given to co-workers.  The posole is in the fridge, soon to be skimmed and … Continue reading

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My plan was to get up super early this morning and get to the grocery store before work.  For some reason, I slept for almost 10 hours instead.  I will likely go ON my way to work, I have only … Continue reading

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