Happiness – it’s a big job

IMG_5820There is a situation at work that I have been dealing with for months.  It is now to the point of having one-to-one meetings and very difficult conversations.  This is not fun.

Yesterday morning I had an entirely new thought.  On my way to work, listening to the radio, hearing the weather forecast, I thought – I want to take a bike ride this afternoon.  I don’t want to go to work, like forever.  I want to retire.  Financially, it would be insane.  But I am tired of working and dealing with infantile people.

My daughter and I went to the grocery store at lunch time.  While we were there, we ran into someone I used to work with.  He retired 2 years ago.  His facial color used to be a sort of yellow/grey, his affect was defeated, and he was so so unhappy.  Yesterday, there he was, with a healthy glow, smiling and laughing.  He didn’t think he could afford to retire (we had this conversation many times), but there he was, happy as can be.

I just need to march in there this morning and deal with what I need to deal with.  It feels like I am terminally tired.   Little shitty shenanigans really suck the joy out of me.

With God all things are possible.  I can get through this.


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5 Responses to Happiness – it’s a big job

  1. Kelly says:

    I hope you have a good day. At least it’s Friday, right? As far as retirement goes, I would go with your gut. Maybe if you have a lingering sense of uncertainty, you could continue to pray on it?

  2. Annette says:

    For people who have worked hard for their entire lives, for many reasons, not just monetary ones… not working anymore is quite the idea! Freedom is in eye’s view for the first time maybe. It doesn’t mean for today, but it means its coming, and soon. I am looking at (wishing for) the time when I don’t HAVE to work but probably will just because I love it.

  3. CS says:

    Hey Friend-

    I read you daily. I’m in Al-anon. It helps so much with detaching from shitty shenanigans….just a thought..take care!

  4. Syd says:

    Well, you know how happy I am in retirement. I don’t miss the grind of paperwork. But I surely loved my scientific work and had such an excellent staff. Nonetheless, I am happy to be right where I am.

  5. I am beginning to see that I would be happy in retirement.

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