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20 years ago…

  My dad died on August 29, 1993.  Now 20 years ago.  Many people experience profound changes in their attitudes when their last parent dies and I was no exception. I was living in a terrifying marriage.  My dad’s death … Continue reading

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S’posed to be off today…

Here’s one of my tired eyes.  I think I took this photo to see why my eye was itching or something like that.  You can see my eye is red.  I feel pretty red-eyed this morning.  It’s been a long … Continue reading

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Mysteries and Pain

Oh my goodness, I have done something horrifying to my back this morning.  The kind of pain that doubles you over and makes you doubt you can breathe. I’ve got heat on it now, I hope to God it loosens … Continue reading

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Garage Door Opener

  As I was driving to work yesterday, my daughter called to tell me the garage door opener just broke.  My first question was “is the door open or closed?”  When I heard it was closed, I breathed a little … Continue reading

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  Tomatoes of Sunday.  They are now all squished, processed, and sealed in jars. Want to hear a secret?  I don’t want to work anymore.  I want to retire.  I am not financially able to retire.  But some days I … Continue reading

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Summer’s Bounty

My daughter called on Saturday morning and wanted me to go to the farmers market with her.  I love love love the smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, mixed in with the amazing aroma of chile peppers!  And look at … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s breakfast.  Doesn’t that look good? I am listening to Pandora radio on my television.  My daughter had told me you could set up your own “stations.”  I just felt compelled to do that but didn’t feel like putting any … Continue reading

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