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Pay Day

So excited about being able to scoop my hair into a ponytail.  Small thing, sure.  But it sure is nice. A lifelong dream of mine was to wear my hair in a bun when I got “old.”  I think I … Continue reading

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Back to our regular programming

It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here.  The weekend just past was the first “normal” weekend in what feels like months.  It was nice. The weekend before, my sponsor and her husband came and stayed with me.  They came … Continue reading

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My Sponsor’s Coming

My sponsor is coming to visit me for my AA birthday.  I have not seen her for a couple of years, though I speak with her by phone at least weekly.  I had contemplated having a big birthday party, and … Continue reading

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May I be Frank?

No!  Your name is Mary! Please don’t judge me harshly or give me the advice I already know in my head.  All that stuff in my head has yet to make the 12 inch trip to my heart.  It will, … Continue reading

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Welcomed home by the Roses

The color of these roses cannot be captured by the camera, they are so bright.  I tuned down the color, and here they are.  I so wish I could get a photo of their color. I went to see my … Continue reading

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Shifting Enthusiasms

The Chicago Peace rose that I love so much.  It has many buds on it and will keep producing beautiful roses, until the heat of summer is fully established, then it will rest for a while until the cooler days … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Can’t upload any photos this morning.  My phone won’t synch at all, and I don’t feel like spending hours of my Sunday figuring it out and fixing it.  There are limits! Went to a meeting this morning and found out … Continue reading

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