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It’s Spring

In Colorado, that usually means it is time for some massive snow storms.  March has the most snowfall of all the months here.  But there are buds on the trees, the lilac bush looks like the leaves are about to … Continue reading

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Heading out into the snowy world, to join the living at my workplace.  Yesterday I left the house only to return a movie to the Redbox, and to take a walk in a park with shoveled sidewalks.  Why, oh why, … Continue reading

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The Last Friday of 2013

This is the City and  County of Denver building, all lit up for Christmas.  Obviously, it was a drive-by photo, and not a good one. I am hoping to find time over the weekend to write up a plan and … Continue reading

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Back to the Belly

Of the beast.  Just for a visit.  I was asked to attend the “big meeting” downtown today.  The “big meeting” that was my whole job when I worked there.  You may be surprised to learn that I am very excited … Continue reading

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A Chilly Monday Morning

Thinking about the amount of work I have piled up sort of takes my breath away.  But I have no meetings today and should be able to put my head down and just get stuff done.  Last week I made … Continue reading

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Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

In preparing for my sister’s visit, I have been working every weekend on getting my house visitor-ready.  I am now on the last frontier – my bedroom.  I am ashamed to admit that in a stack of shoeboxes, that I … Continue reading

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Little Pockets of Dry

The pooch “helped” me paint yesterday.  I am totally re-doing my 2nd bedroom, which currently contains a lot of books, a sewing machine, fabrics and half-finished projects, about a ton of yarn, and maybe a hundred knitting needles.  Oh, let’s … Continue reading

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