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Itchy for Spring

My neighbor’s crocus are up.  It is a lovely thing to see.  I admire them for pushing through the ice and snow, every single year.  Getting more snow dumped on them, and still springing back.  They rock.  Tulips do too. … Continue reading

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Oh dear.  My young friend from the running club got married.  Her reception is on Saturday.  I had planned to go.  She has two masters degrees in sustainability and works in that field.  Hence, she sent out an electronic invitation. … Continue reading

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Me and My Babies

I always loved this picture of me and my infant daughters, and everyone else would say, “Mary, you look terrible in this pic!  You must have been so tired!”  I don’t care, I still love it.  My girls will be … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

That’s a picture of the pool at the rec center I joined this month.  I am about to head out to go swim laps there.  Very happy about that. This week turned into a big challenge at work.  I worked … Continue reading

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peace and love

Those were my new years resolutions.  I just went back and read my journal entry for Jan 1, 2014.  So far, so good. In early sobriety I remember making a conscious decision each day to be happy.  It is such … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day

I’ve just been out for a nice beautiful gorgeous trail run.  Oh, what a wonderful day.  Sunshine, warmth, fresh air.  Who could ask for more? I have been taking a different approach for the last couple of weeks.  I always … Continue reading

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Last year at this time, with my tiny newborn grandson.  He turned one last weekend.  My son texted pictures of him with his first birthday cake.  Gorgeous little boy.  Now 898 miles away.  This year I had to ship his … Continue reading

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