Fourteen Months

My favorite rose.  The Fragrant Cloud.  This one beautiful rose looks stunning in the flower bed outside my front door.  The Chicago Peace has three buds on it, so be prepared for photos of those.  They are beautiful.  But the Fragrant Cloud smells divine!  I don’t even plant rose bushes unless the roses are fragrant.  To me the fragrance is just as, if not more, important than the physical beauty.

Still struggling with work.  I am getting a new boss at the end of this month.  That will change things.  I was in the interviews on Friday.  One candidate, external, is clearly more experienced and has the requisite skills, knowledge, and abilities.  And great human attributes.  The other, internal, is well-liked and people are inclined to “give him a chance,” to move into management.  Oh dear God.  He has already stepped on my toes just as an applicant.  I hope to God the people who make the decision can be principled and hire the guy who can do the job.  Not the one who is “a nice guy,” who people feel inclined to “give a chance.”

Here was the most telling q and a from the interview:  it was a hypothetical about an employee who is being a problem.  The rookie applicant says he would “document, document, document, and start the progressive discipline process.”  The experienced applicant says he would first meet with the person and ask “hey, what’s going on?”  Please Lord, don’t give me this rookie for a boss in the last 14 months of my career.

I went to mass with a man yesterday.  I think I fell in love a little.  I hope I never hear from him again.  I hope we meet again and again and again and live happily ever after.  We went out for coffee and sat for three hours in a lovely cafe, open to the sidewalk.  Then we sat and talked in the car.  And then we talked some more.  For five hours, I did not even look at my phone or wonder about anything other than this fascinating man I was talking with.  As I drove away, I put this firmly in God’s hands.  And truly prayed that I never hear from him again.  I don’t think I have it in me to have a relationship of this intensity.  It’s nice to know I am still alive and still a woman though.  Wow.

Have to coach myself to get to work, and really the only way I know how to do that is with gratitude:

  • Grateful to have a job where I am making more money than I ever dreamed of making (wish I was better with my money though)
  • Grateful for my little office, it is a small, temporary office while the hospital is remodeled, but it has a gorgeous view
  • Grateful that my AC got fixed last week (even though it cost $700!), it will be nice and cool when I get home today
  • Grateful to see if my new schedule of working out at night, going to bed later, and getting up later in the morning will be better or not

I better go.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  xxxxoooo, mc

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2 Responses to Fourteen Months

  1. Annette says:

    A wonderful and interesting man who goes to mass? Who knew!? Let it unfold as it will… And please lord let Mary have the wise old human boss who reaches out to people.

  2. Syd says:

    I am sure that all will be okay. You have the abilities to deal with a new boss and a new relationship. The program has given you great tools.

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