My New Reality

I am canning peaches this morning.  They are gorgeous peaches from Grand Junction.  The only problem is that they are “clingstone” peaches.  They are very difficult to slice in any way that is pretty.  But they sure do taste good.  One website said to slice them the wrong way, and I found that didn’t work any better than slicing them the regular way.  I packed them in their own juice instead of adding sugar.  Looking forward to having unsweetened peaches in the winter.

Though I swore I would never count down days, I am counting days until I retire.  I believe it is 25 work days.  I still have to meet with the retirement people on Thursday and then I will know for sure.  I will give notice on Friday.  I have given unofficial notice to several people who need to know, and the more advance notice I give them, the better.

It has been ugly.  It has been difficult.  I have had very “important” people come and ask me not to leave.  That is gratifying, but has no impact on my decision.

I wake in the night in a panic.  And then I wake in the morning with peace in my soul.  None of my dear friends, even those who are very fiscally conservative, think I shouldn’t retire.  Even my sister thinks this is overdue.  Of course, she thinks I will start another career where I will make “real” money.  I will likely work again, but it will be very casual.  I am so done.

I am very boring and repetitive these days.  This is all I think about.

On Friday, my AA birthday, I went to the funeral of a wife of an AA friend.  It meant a lot to him to look and see a whole church full of AA people at the service.  His wife would not have been so happy about it, but funerals are for the living and not for the dead.  She never liked him going to meetings and she sure didn’t like us as people.  It’s OK.  I Just pray for him.  52 years they were married.   He is very cheerful, but he has always one to insist he is happy when it is clear he is not.  I pray he gets through this with the help of a loving God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I feel that I am on the cusp of a whole new life.  I am very happy about it.  Oh, I know it will have problems, because I am taking me with me.  But it will be different.  I will settle for different at this point.

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8 Responses to My New Reality

  1. atomicmomma says:

    Fingers crossed that all goes well and you truly can be 25 days out. I can’t wait to read about this next chapter!

  2. Annette says:

    When important people asking you to stay doesn’t sway your decision, you know you’re on the right track! I’ve been thinking about jobs you could have after retirement that would be fun, rewarding, and supplement your income a little bit. Yeah….because I’m a busybody like that. Lol

  3. Mary LA says:

    Sending love to you in a hard time —

  4. Syd says:

    You are now a short timer! That is great news. And I believe that you will have such a great time after this job and chapter in your life has ended. So many great possibilities for your free time. Exciting times are ahead.

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