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Today is the first anniversary of my sister’s death.   That was the single most painful day of my life, and believe me, it had lots of competition.  That phone call.  My screaming “NO! NO! NO!” to my poor nephew. … Continue reading

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Three months

Three months today since my sister died.  I still can’t believe she’s gone sometimes.  It just seems like too much. One of my friends asked me how I was doing with this last night. I told her.  And i cried. … Continue reading

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Another One

My long-time boyfriend died yesterday.  I have such mixed feeling about this.  Mostly though, if I’m honest, I feel relief that his years in a nursing home are over.  The last time I visited him he didn’t know who I … Continue reading

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My son is in state to fight a local fire.  I got to have breakfast with all my children on Sunday morning and it was wonderful. I hope he can stay through this weekend, but the life of following wild … Continue reading

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July 7

It is a month today since my sister died. Those three words “my sister died” still take my breath away. It is becoming my new reality, but it still feels raw and awful. Yesterday I had the first procedure of … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Heading into a holiday weekend, gratefully.  I filled up this past weekend with too much activity and ended up with a migraine and a sleepless Saturday night.  I was a bit afraid of inactivity, but I must remember that, as … Continue reading

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More plugging

Back to work, back home, back to “normal.”  I think I’m ok most of the time and then see some evidence that I’m experiencing a new ok.  Every morning now my meditation includes weeping.  My drive to work is so … Continue reading

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