Identity Theft Stinks!

Yesterday afternoon at work someone called me to tell me about an article on the front page of the newspaper that was of great interest and concern.  I immediately left work and drove to the nearest 7-11 to purchase the paper.  When I got back to work, I realized I no longer had my wallet with me.  A few hours later, the fraud alerts were popping up on my phone.

The police were able to tell me what happened from the surveillance tape at 7-11:  I grabbed the newspaper, and was sickened when I saw what was on the front of it.  I paid the $1.50 (a buck and a half for a newspaper???) with two one dollar bills, and put the 50¢ change in my wallet.  When I turned from the counter, the wallet fell out of my purse and onto the floor.

The man behind me in line picked up the wallet, looked around, and put it in his pocket.  The police have a good view of his face, but unfortunately were not able to get his license plate number because of the way the sun was shining on his car.  But today, I will bring them more info about all of the fraudulent charges and I am certain they will be able to find him from the surveillance films from the myriad stores he went to with my credit cards.

This is a pain!  I have been on the phone virtually non-stop since then, and still have many more phone calls to make.   This morning I have to go get a drivers license.

Thank God for fraud protection.  It spotted all of the Walmart charges immediately and I think the guy only actually was able to charge about $800. worth of goods.  I have been assured I won’t be held liable for any of them.

My identity is a little bit more worrying.  All of my insurance information, my drivers license, and I hope I am remembering everything.  I got a fraud alert with the credit bureaus.  Hopefully I am thinking of everything.

One of my friends heard this news last night and called.  She was horrified!  She kept saying that it was a “violation!”  Sure, it’s scary, and it is definitiely a pain in the butt.  But a violation?  No one touched me.  No one hurt me physically.  You can say things are “just like” being raped or beaten, unless you have actually been raped or beaten.  Believe me, this is NOTHING like being raped or beaten.

And for that I am grateful!

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2 Responses to Identity Theft Stinks!

  1. daisyanon says:

    So sorry this has happened MARY. A horrible experience

  2. Syd says:

    My wife lost her wallet a couple of months ago, but cancelled all cards immediately. No charges were incurred, luckily. Unfortunately, her SS card was lost too. Not sure whether it was picked up by someone or simply fell off into the median of the road. I am sorry that you had to go through the antagonism of losing your wallet.

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