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43 degrees and torrential rains

A suddenly typical late spring morning in Colorado.  It wears on a person’s nerves.  My garden is growing like crazy.  I have to pull weeds every single day!  I don’t mind 🙂  It is strange to go outside and feel … Continue reading

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Niya Loves Yogurt

Weird, she has never been interested in my food before.  I left the dish of yogurt, blueberries, and flax seed cereal on the desk while I left the room.  When I came back, my cat was standing on the chair, … Continue reading

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Treadmill v. Blog

That is my choice as I sit here.  I could easily get on the treadmill and do 3 miles in the amount of time it takes to write one post.  It would be lovely to have more time than I … Continue reading

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Itchy for Spring

My neighbor’s crocus are up.  It is a lovely thing to see.  I admire them for pushing through the ice and snow, every single year.  Getting more snow dumped on them, and still springing back.  They rock.  Tulips do too. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day

I’ve just been out for a nice beautiful gorgeous trail run.  Oh, what a wonderful day.  Sunshine, warmth, fresh air.  Who could ask for more? I have been taking a different approach for the last couple of weeks.  I always … Continue reading

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Pink Clouds

My photo blog is a reaaaal challenge.  I thought I took photos every day, but it turns out some days I really don’t.  And some days it is just a stretch to find anything pretty or interesting to photograph.  That, … Continue reading

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It’s definitely winter

It took until the second week of January, but the winter doldrums have set in.  I think I am going to try snow shoeing over the weekend.  And I am going to try to avoid the tanning salon – although … Continue reading

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