Beautiful Day

IMG_6079I’ve just been out for a nice beautiful gorgeous trail run.  Oh, what a wonderful day.  Sunshine, warmth, fresh air.  Who could ask for more?

I have been taking a different approach for the last couple of weeks.  I always pray every morning, first thing after brushing teeth and getting a cup of coffee fixed.  That’s good.  That is not changing.  At night, I thank God for the day that I have just had.  I can always find SOMETHING good about it.

But lately, my first thought in the morning, before I even have my glasses on, is of wonderful things to look forward to that day.  Today it was so simple; a day off, the ability to enjoy it, nothing planned.  I thought about how wonderful it would be to wash my car.  And to eat some yogurt for breakfast.  I ask God to be with me and guide me though the day.   It is so simple, but it makes me want to get out of bed and look forward to the day.

While I was trail running this afternoon, I thought – this is when I feel like my most authentic self.  Running with the sun on my face and the muddy trail beneath my feet, listening to the creek that runs along the trail.  Thanking God from the bottom of my heart for the ability to still do this.  It may not last forever, but we all only have today, right?


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3 Responses to Beautiful Day

  1. Chenai says:

    Thank you Mary, this post made me so happy to read. I love that you have such a healthy morning routine – I am working on one myself. And how great that you managed to go out and run. The weather there must be much improved.

  2. Syd says:

    Glad that you had a good run and a good day. The weather this week is in the 70’s. Hard to believe after the ice storm last week. Yo yo weather for sure.

  3. Annette says:

    Your happy…..I love hearing this my friend.

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