Itchy for Spring

IMG_5940My neighbor’s crocus are up.  It is a lovely thing to see.  I admire them for pushing through the ice and snow, every single year.  Getting more snow dumped on them, and still springing back.  They rock.  Tulips do too.

Last year in the depression, the winter felt like it was endless.  Maybe it was working in the city, which gets so grey and awful by late winter.  Maybe it was the depression.  Probably a combo of those things…. but it felt endless and smothering.

This year I am working on a beautiful campus.  I can take a walk if I feel like it.  When I leave work I see the beautiful sunset.  There are gorgeous old trees that stand naked in stark contrast to the orange sky.   I make every effort to appreciate these sights.

But I am ready to hear some birds. I am ready to see my tulips popping up again.  I am ready to wear summer clothes!  And walk out of a building without a thought as to putting a jacket on.  These sound like minor things, but they mean a lot to me.

It will come, just as it does every year.

God is good.


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1 Response to Itchy for Spring

  1. Syd says:

    This has been a hard winter for so many people. We have had it chilly and windy here. Just got back from a few days on the boat and it was either raining or cold and windy. Looking forward to spring here too.

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