43 degrees and torrential rains

A suddenly typical late spring morning in Colorado.  It wears on a person’s nerves.  My garden is growing like crazy.  I have to pull weeds every single day!  I don’t mind 🙂  It is strange to go outside and feel humidity.  I really like the sunny crisp normal semi-arid climate of Colorado, and I am certain it will return.  Then I will complain about drought.

I spent all day Saturday in a church basement working on an icon.  I may be close to finishing it.  Then I will choose another to get done by November when we will be having a “show” in the library of the (Jesuit) university of which I am an alumni.  This is an exciting thing.

Yesterday I found pickling cucumber plants at a local garden shop.  I planted those just beneath a trellis I used to have honeysuckle growing on.  I also planted an acorn squash plant.  I love, love, love watching my garden grow.  With silver belles, and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row!

My workouts are going well.  I particularly love the little yoga I am doing each morning on my deck.  I bought a privacy screen to go across the railings, so I now have some lovely privacy from my neighbors.  I did not go out this morning, 43 is too cold for me, and the deck is sopping wet.

I’m looking forward to another week.  I have a huge project at work and I am enjoying it.   This will be the first day since last Wednesday that I won’t be at a church for one reason or another.  Maybe I can be full of church, and the world won’t disturb me so much?  God can do that.  I certainly can’t.

So, as we say in AA, I think I’ll let him!


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3 Responses to 43 degrees and torrential rains

  1. You sound good! Brava on the icon, and I look forward to hearing about the pickles once the cucumbers grow in.

  2. Syd says:

    Ugh–it is hot and humid here. I could do with 45 degrees now. Sadly, we are into a Lowcountry summer already. Hope that you enjoy your day.

  3. Annette says:

    It is hot and dry here. Like hellishly hot. Over 100 degrees. I love hearing how good you are feeling. Your discipline amazes me….I wish I was more like that. The world is a disturbing place isn’t it? I am working on just sitting with my feelings for now. I have not taken to my bed and refused to get out so I think I’m ok for today. ;o)

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