IMG_3006.JPGWhat a wonderful trip I had!  Yellowstone National Park is phenomenal – the real meaning of that word.  So many beautiful things to see and experience.  The above is the Grand Prismatic Spring.  I thought I was taking the trail to the place with an “arial” view, but I didn’t and didn’t have time to take the several mile hike to the other place.

fullsizeoutput_94a.jpegThe yarn store in West Yellowstone had this yarn which was exclusively hand dyed for them.  It is the Grand Prismatic Spring color way.  I cannot wait to knit a shawl out of this!

IMG_3071.JPGThere’s my tent in Yellowstone.  It was really an awesome experience for me.  I was so afraid of animals, and afraid of my body and how it would live through a night in a tent.   It is so good to have done this and realize that I CAN DO IT.  I was so worried and some of my worries were realized, but I lived through it and I can say I truly enjoyed myself.  I did wake up freezing the first night in spite of my sleeping bag, air mattress, and very good Smartwool long underwear.  I put on a hoodie and a hat, and covered the sleeping bag with everything else I had in the tent.  The next night, I wore more layers which may have helped.  My back was really bothering me, so I wrapped my back in one of the ThermaCare wraps I had packed, and was warm all night!

I got to see all four of my grandchildren.  The older two are teenagers and very difficult to get to see as they live with my ex-husband and are very busy with school and sports.  I would say the ex made it difficult.  I choose not to spend a lot of time on that.  Those girls are old enough that it won’t be long until we will be able to visit freely.  But that time is not now.

The little ones just make my heart sing.  To be able to spend three days with them was just heavenly.  When I got there, they were out in the driveway jumping up and down, they were so excited to see me.  When I left, they hung on my legs crying and begging me not to leave.  My son told them to knock it off because I was crying, but I told him it was a wonderful kind of crying.  What a loving, kind, peaceful family.  No sniping, no sarcasm, no yelling, no tension crackling in the air.  Just love and caring.  Amazing.  I have a bedroom there and I sleep better there than anywhere else.  I just feel so comfortable and safe – and loved.  It is sad to leave there, but I am oh, so grateful that I can go there.

I was feeling like my life was over before I went on this trip.  I felt that my body had betrayed me and was making me old.  I was truly expecting death in a few years.  That may truly happen, no one knows the hour, right?  But I feel alive now.  After a night at my son’s house, my back had stopped hurting so bad.  Many of my ailments have gone away.  I think that is because I stopped taking that terrible medication.  But it was so reaffirming to go do something kind of hard and kind of daring.  It was good for me to push the envelope if you will.  I feel strong and capable right now.  Not a feeble old woman.

And now I shall start to study the Latin textbooks that arrived in my absence.  When I look at them, I realize how little Latin I retained from high school.  But I am about to learn again.  So exciting!

Life feels good again.  God is so good.

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10 Responses to Travels

  1. atomicmomma says:

    Checked in to see if you were home yet and found this wonderful post! Beautiful pics! I’m so happy for you that you had a wonderful trip, dropped that awful medicine (it is controversial on so many levels that the threat of osteoporosis cannot outweigh what you experienced), enjoyed time with your family. LOVE that yarn! Such beautiful colors.

    I’m so excited you are learning latin. We are in our first year studying it and I love it. We are using Henle Latin. What are you using? Once you brush up on your Latin you should think about hiring yourself out to homeschoolers in your area – Latin is the language of choice among so many of us.

  2. Annette says:

    Oh my gosh Mary, this all makes me so very happy! I love all of it, but especially the part about staying at your son’s house. There is just nothing like seeing our adult kids go on with their lives and being totally capable and healthy. I felt like you totally got it a few weeks back when you commented on my post about letting go and it actually being joyful, while watching Molly and ryan work together to bring baby Landon into this world. Now I can see that you definitely do understand exactly what I was saying.
    I hope we can see the finished shawl when it is done. The yarn is beautiful. And yes, what book are you using for your Latin studies? So happy you are home safe and sound and feeling so good. ❤️

    • About 10 years ago, one of my granddaughters was very ill and needed to get a spinal tap at the hospital. I stood at the end of the bed and watched both of my daughters handle the situation so beautifully. I knew I had already done my job. Some may call that feeling useless, I thought it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

      That shawl will get done much, much later. I am in full Christmas knitting mode now and will be for a while.

  3. Nancy G says:

    So glad you’re back safe and sound having had such a wonderful time! It’s amazing how much joy our grandchildren can bring to our old, feeble (LOL) lives! I have one granddaughter and she just lights up my heart each time I get to see her.
    One question: we’ve considered moving to another state, but think that we could not possibly live that far away from our granddaughter. How do you handle the time away from them, yet still keeping those bonds close?
    Thank you for your blog. I always look forward to the next entry! Glad you had such a great trip.

    • Being far from my grandchildren is one of the great heart breaks of my life. Worse than a divorce. I have to go there to see them as often as I can, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem often enough.

  4. Yellowstone is so awesome, right? Love your tent ~ I see it is from REI, would you recommend their tents? So glad you enjoyed your time with your family ~ all in all, it’s all about love and family.

  5. Mary says:

    The picture of yellowstone looks so beautiful it almost doesn’t look real. So glad you had a good trip.


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