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Retirement 3.0

I retired for the third time on September 5.  The next day was the 24th anniversary of the first day I started at the hospital.  This time when I retired, I felt the way people are probably supposed to feel. … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

The photo is actually from Sunday afternoon, making eggplant parmesan. I turned around and saw this sight and just thought it was so pretty. So colorful. So full of hope of a luscious meal and happy people at my table. … Continue reading

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A Post from the Weeds

I have deliberately not written about my finances here on the blog for a very long time. I had done it in 2013 and someone had come to my aid and actually paid for me to attend the Dave Ramsey … Continue reading

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They Can’t Change the Gospel

So my pastor told me this morning.  I told him how disturbed I am by the events of the last week at the Synod. Don’t worry, he told me.  They can’t change the Gospel.  No, they can’t.  But what if … Continue reading

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Gaudete Sunday

Heading out in a minute for Mass.  I love Gaudete Sunday and purchased a special pink sweater for the occasion several years ago.  I wear it on Gaudete Sunday in Advent and Laetare Sunday in Lent.  I know it is … Continue reading

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Vigil of the First Sunday of Advent

The photo is from my walk on Thanksgiving.  It was such a beautiful day. Tonight I will head to Mass.  Every year as I enter the church on the Saturday Vigil Mass prior to the first Sunday of Advent, I … Continue reading

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All Hallows Eve

It’s the day before All Saint’s Day.  All Hallows Eve.  Halloween. I used to look at it as a pagan holiday, but then I learned more.  About the tradition and the meaning.  It has deep Christian roots. Today I woke … Continue reading

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Pondering a homily

At Mass last Friday, the priest said that if we had truly encountered Jesus, we could not help but tell everyone we met about it.  So that we could share our joy, and help others to experience the same. We … Continue reading

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Me and the Deacon, or why I have so far to go.

I bought my house now nearly 12 years ago.  It was September 2001, that momentous time.  From the beginning, I was heartbroken over my backyard space.  Whenever I have looked for a place to live, whether it was an apartment, … Continue reading

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I have no idea why I took this photo.  Nor do I have any idea why I am posting it today.  I don’t feel like posting flowers or trails, creeks, or mountains.  Really I don’t know what I am feeling … Continue reading

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