Sunday Morning


I went out for a hike and trail run on Friday.  It is so gorgeous at this time of the year and with the amount of precipitation we have had.  I actually ran for a mile, and walked for another 3.  It felt freaking awesome!   Yesterday I realized I am 3 weeks out from my triathlon and freaked out a little.  I looked at the training plan (for the first time) and went out and did what was on the plan.  A 75 minute bike ride, followed by a 10 minute run.  It was not even difficult.  I feel so much better having done it.   I will try to stick with the training plan for the next couple of weeks.

This morning I researched clothing for the race.  Yes, I do have triathlon gear from years past.  No, they mostly no longer fit me.  The shorts do.  The tops do not.  Nothing looks worse than an X-Large shirt on a body that needs to be in a Medium.  Yes, you heard that here.  Medium.  I own exactly 2 size Medium tops.  So most of the time I wear clothes that look downright sloppy.  It sounds like a good problem to have, and of course, I am grateful I am not suffering from the opposite problem.  But I don’t have tons of money for a new wardrobe!  I did however purchase a new bike jersey this morning and oh my goodness, it is so beautiful!  Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

I am so grateful to be training for another triathlon.  I am so grateful to be feeling fit and healthy.  Even if my bones are porous and thin, I still feel strong.

After having a couple of weeks to process the osteoporosis diagnosis, I realized that I am complaining about something that is not a big problem relative to the other diagnoses that come with frequency at my age.   I don’t know why I thought I was so special I wouldn’t get anything.  I am not that special.  So this is what I have for now.  And I can keep right on plugging along, doing my best day by day.

By the Grace of God…. only by the Grace of God.


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2 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Annette says:

    “Even if my bones are porous and thin….” LOL Oh Mary….maybe they are heading in that direction but for today your bones are still strong enough to support your body while you RUN, BIKE, and SWIM in a triathalon!!! I think you have many many years of a strong body ahead. You are such a good steward with what you have been given….I’m a slouch. LOL Some things have changed in my schedule and beginning Tuesday I am going to start stretching, walking, and weights again. I must. I feel awful at this weight and everything hurts. You inspire me every time I read of your accomplishments!

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