Hair in a bun

My hair has finally gotten long enough to wear in a bun. It’s a little bun, but it is a bun, and the hair is not in my face or on my neck.  That makes me very happy.  Probably not the most flattering hair style, but I do love the low maintenance (I stopped coloring it several years ago).  I have an appointment with my stylist this morning.  I will ask her what she thinks.  Should I keep this long hair or cut it back?  What do you all think?  Any opinions are appreciated – unless you want to tell me I’m ugly or something like that!

I took a tiny job, watering the lawn of a woman who is out of town for 10 days.  I don’t know how I ever worked all those years M-F, 8-5, because this little bit of a schedule feels like it is putting a crimp on my whole life!  I really don’t want to work, even this tiny little bit.

Tomorrow I am taking a quilting class. I am very excited about it.  I purchased the fabrics the other day and after looking at them for a couple of days, I think I don’t like two of the colors.  The quilt has 5 patterns, and 3 solids.  The solids are an off-white, which is ok; a light orange, which I think is too pastel for my taste; and a light turquoise, also a bit too pastel I think.  Not sure though.

Any opinions on this?


I would love to hear from any of you who may care to weigh on my hair and my quilt!

Thank you for honoring me by reading this nonsense!


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13 Responses to Hair in a bun

  1. Annette says:

    I love your hair! Think Katherine Hepburn and her bun. And I hope you show us your quilt when it’s finished. The peachy one will only be an accent here and there…so I think it’s fine.

    • All the fabrics are used equally. But it looks nice. I am so glad I kept the colors I didn’t like! And thanks far the Katherine Hepburn idea – that makes it all OK! Love KH!

  2. Nancy from Cali says:

    The bun looks really cute! I put my hair up all the time in the summer and it makes me feel kinda sophisticated and elegant. It’s a nice change. Enjoy that darn watering! ❤

  3. You have good “bun” hair. It lies very nice and is quite flattering. I wish I could get that smooth look, but I’m a curly girl. Have fun with the quilting ~ the colors all seems to match some way or another.

  4. atomicmomma says:

    I finished my first quilt a year ago, I loved it! I am now looking into Big Stitch Hand Quilting technique. Can’t wait to hear how your class goes.

    My hair is long to my shoulders. I love the convenience of putting it in a bun. you have beautiful hair! I think longer hair can be less maintenance sometimes.

    • I will have to see what Big Stitch Hand Quilting is. I love hand quilting, but it takes a lifetime to complete.

      I LOVE the fact that I can just scoop my hair into a bun and I’m ready to go. My hair is so high maintenance because it is so straight and flat.

  5. Syd says:

    Hi MC, not good about the quilt, but I like long hair. Very nice up or down, right? I really get what you are saying about having any kind of schedule is a pain. That is how I feel. Every day that is wide open feels like total freedom to me. LOL–and how did we work all those years? Hard to imagine now. We are doing well. All is good here. Still alive which is great news.

  6. Nancy says:

    I think the quilt colours might balance each other nicely. And I am in the same hair phase as you!

    • Are you keeping it long? Or chopping it off?

      The quilt is a bit wild. I hadn’t realized how wild it would look once it was cut and pieced. Oh well. Can’t believe I was thinking those more neutral tones would be boring. The whole thing just pops all over the place!

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