Festivus in August

I purchased this yarn yesterday, it will be used to make hats (in school colors) for my older granddaughters. I love this yarn. It is called Knerd String, and is just luscious, soft, and squishy wool. I have made 6 other hats of this yarn and have enjoyed every stitch.
This is the hat I knit for my daughter. Well, actually I made two because when I finished this one, I tried it on and said “Sorry Laura, this one’s for me.” I made another one for her, which I finished last night.
This is my son and his daughter – my precious granddaughter – in the hats I made last year.  His is light brown and darker brown – I also made a matching one for his son.  And his wife and daughter got the lavender and purple ones.  I love these reversible hats!  It takes twice as long to knit, but so worth it!

Here’s something I never thought I would say:  Adjusting to retirement is a bit harder than I anticipated.  Somedays are just heavenly.  Then there was yesterday.   And so far today.  I have found that I need to have at least one or two things planned every day.  In addition to daily Mass (one hour), and my workouts (~90 minutes).  Then I have nutritious eating, which takes an inordinate amount of time between shopping, preparation, cooking, and even eating!

I am a bit heartbroken about a couple of things that are not what I expected in retirement.  The meeting I used to attend daily has grown intolerably uncomfortable.  I went there yesterday because one of my sponsees was celebrating a birthday, and it was just awful.  Warring factions and people trying to control everything that happens in the meeting.  Like how long people can share, and what they can talk about.  But they start the meeting with this weird format – before the chair comes up with a topic, s/he asks if anyone has a problem, anything they need to “say out loud” …or if anyone is “sitting on a drink.”  Yesterday a new guy raised his hand and said he had a problem.  He needs a car. Seriously.  Everyone sort of rolled their eyes at him, but he was just responding to a question that WE asked him.  He has a problem.  He thought he would throw it out there. He’s brand new, who can blame him?  So, I thought I would go to that meeting everyday, but that is absolutely OUT.

I thought I could take all these lovely hikes.  Have you noticed that I am very seldom posting photos of trails?  Yes, that is another thing that is out.  Denver is gaining population at an alarming rate – every single month thousands of people flock here.  High density housing is going up in places that used to be landfills, golf courses, farms, and fields.  There are TOO MANY people here.  Of course, they want the Colorado lifestyle – who doesn’t?  And for most of the new folks, they are paying an exhorbitant price to just live here, of course they want to take advantage of the beauty of nearby nature.  The trails are not just crowded, but they have become dangerous.  There are mountain bikes on single track with little old ladies (me) trying to take a peaceful hike.  Although pedestrians have the right-of-way, bikers do not behave that way.  My favorite place to hike is full of rattlesnakes.  I usually decide that is an acceptable risk.  But when you are stepping off the trail into the brush every two minutes to let a bicycle pass, the risk is no longer acceptable.   I took a hike last week and realized it was my last one there – at least until late fall or winter when the faint hearted stay home.

Thank God for the park nearby that charges $10 per car to get in.  I have an annual pass and go down there for my hikes, swims, and bike rides.  Much more peaceful, but it is not a mountain hike, it is a walk or ride around a park.

I drove to my favorite yarn shop yesterday.  I used to think it was an acceptable drive – 30 minutes through town in high traffic.  Then parking on a downtown street or tiny parking lot with maybe 10 spaces.  You see, I wasn’t planning on having a car accident that totaled my car just 5 weeks into retirement.  And then when that “worked out” ok, I thought I was good…. but I am terrified of driving in traffic.  I don’t think I am going to my favorite yarn shop anymore.  I think I am going to drive to the mountains to a shop there.  It is farther, but takes about the same amount of time to get there.  Next time I buy yarn or fabric, that is where I am going.

The class on Saturday?  It was the first time they did that quilt in a class, and we all only finished a quarter of the top – in the 6 hour class.  I really needed the hand-holding to get it done.  When I visited the store yesterday (to get yarn), the manager (who I absolutely love) asked me how the quilt was, and I told her I don’t think I can finish it on my own.  She told me I could hire a tutor for $40 an hour.  Yeah, when hell freezes over I will do that.  I hope to God this quilt doesn’t end up in my closet along with two other quilts I never finished.  And yes, I thought I would finish them in retirement.  I will somehow get the courage to get out my mat, rotary cutter, and sewing machine and get this thing done so I don’t feel like a quitter.  Funny how similar the words quitter and quilter are, no?


Because I am sure you all are dying to see this thing – above is a photo of the quarter quilt.  Maybe if I tell you all I will finish it, I actually will finish it.

And now that I have written all of this, I will stop.  I have a feeling I could write all day and just come up with one grievance after another.  Not a good thing to do.  I better instead try to focus on what’s good….

Like that beautiful red & white yarn that needs to be wound into balls.  And hats are waiting to be knit!

Life is good.  It truly is.  I am so blessed to have these kind of problems, I do know that!

Thank you God.

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6 Responses to Festivus in August

  1. Hopester says:

    The yarn looks absolutely lovely. I want to reach through the screen and feel how soft it is. And the hats (we call them toques in Canada) look very comfy. I love how quilts look and there are so many pretty patterns but I’ve never taken the leap and tried to make one. I’ve learned the hard way that anything with pieces to put together is something I will most likely procrastinate on finishing forever. I don’t knit but I do crochet and if I do patterns where I simply keep going back and forth I have a better chance of completing them.

    I just had three months off work and can see if it was permanent that I would need a few goals to accomplish most days to keep my equilibrium.

    • Equilibrium is a good word for it. When I look at it that way, I can see that it is what I am missing. I go from the extreme of busyness to the extreme of laziness. Finding the middle road would be really good.

  2. Your knitting (and hats) look so professional. As a newly retired person myself, I hear you on adjusting to the down time. I do well until summer comes when the Arizona heat keeps me indoors. After all these years of work, work, work, I’ve had to develop some new interests to keep from going stir crazy. Sounds like you have some good hobbies to entertain yourself.

    • Retirement is just massively more of an adjustment than I ever anticipated. I thought I would fall right into it. It is just the opposite here with winter being the indoor time. Theoretically, I should be out in my garden, etc. now in the summer. But it has been a hot summer and I haven’t wanted to be outside as much as I thought I would.

  3. Annette says:

    I had to come read this post and get caught up after reading today’s post. I’m sorry your trails are clogged with an abundance of people. That is a challenge when you are out there looking for solitude and peace. The quilt is lovely! I hope you do finish it. What you have done looks perfect. The corners tightly meeting. Hang in there MC…we just don’t know what doors will open in our future.

  4. atomicmomma says:

    Love the knitted hat and love the quilt! Keep on keeping on and give yourself time to settle in to retirement. It is a huge adjustment

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