Pizzelles and Posole

IMG_7227I spent yesterday making pizzelles and posole.  The pizzelles are spread all over my kitchen, soon to be bundled up into squares of cellophane, beribboned and given to co-workers.  The posole is in the fridge, soon to be skimmed and placed into a crock pot and eaten tonight.  

I didn’t know my son and family were coming over before Christmas.  They are gone to Nebraska to her folks for Christmas, so I thought I would make them a dinner when they got back.  But my son called on Saturday and asked if they could come tonight.  I could actually hear how much he wanted to be here and of course I said yes.  If I were smart, I would have planned to order pizza instead of making this elaborate soup.   We will have a lovely pre-Christmas dinner tonight.  

So regretting not taking these two days off.  I do not have my knitting done.  All of the grandchildren’s presents are done and that is the important thing.  But I really wanted to have my son’s hat done for tonight.  Father and son watch caps.  They are so fricking cute.  I am within a few inches of having the big one done.  Maybe I can sneak a few stitches at work today?  At lunch, I can do it at lunch.

I must get rolling.  Maybe after today it will really be done.  I am exhausted and have dark circles under my eyes.  Envying celebrities who get a few days in the hospital for “exhaustion.”  Ha!  I know it’s code for something else, but wouldn’t it be nice to be secluded away with nothing to do but read a book or two?  And maybe someone would bring a posey to me?

OK, sorry for the stream of consciousness.  I can see that I am wrapped up and not in gratitude.  

Yesterday morning my sponsee went with me to my home group.  It was one of my friend’s 36th anniversary.  He is such a humble man.  I left that room grateful.  And the drives back and forth were wonderful with this woman who has had such a hard time in her sobriety.  I love her.  

I’m grateful, really, I am.  



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3 Responses to Pizzelles and Posole

  1. Annette says:

    I believe you that your grateful. ❤

  2. Syd says:

    Your food sounds so delicious. And how nice that your son and family will be with you.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m glad you will get to spend some time with your son. An early Christmas present!

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