Finding Places to Pray

IMG_6172I did walk to the church with the outdoor Stations of the Cross yesterday.  There was a crew of landscapers in action there.  That had not been what I was expecting; I was dreaming of a silent place in the sun to pray the Rosary. Instead I had a gasoline smelling noisy place.  And it was also good.  After praying, as I was putting away my Rosary, I noticed the shadow on the flagstone and took a photo.  Last night I showed it to my daughter and told her I was going to crop it so that the crack in the pavers is cropped out.  She said “no! it is more interesting with the line!”  I am dubious, but I left it anyway.

I am interested to know whether anyone looks at my replies to your comments.  I usually reply to every comment.  I didn’t reply to yesterday’s because I don’t know if anyone reads them.  Could you let me know if you do or not?  I LOVE it when other bloggers reply to comments, that is why I do it.  But if no one is reading them, there is really no point.

My daughter is sleeping downstairs, the birds are singing outside my bedroom window, the coffee is strong and black and good, and I am ready for another day.  Reading Catherine of Siena by Sigrid Undset which I am finding wonderful.  It also puts my small suffering into perspective.

When you offered so chivalrously to suffer every pain out of love for Me, you were immediately freed from these temptations of hell, because it was My will.


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24 Responses to Finding Places to Pray

  1. Nancy G says:

    MC, Honestly, I have commented a couple times with no reply, so I thought maybe you only comment to bloggers. I read your blog almost every day and feel like I’m right there with you! I relate so well to your feelings of depression and angst with your children. Just know you are not alone.

    Nancy G in CA

    • Thanks for the comment Nancy! Some days I don’t reply. But most days I do reply, and I will reply to all of the comments. With one exception: If the comment comes in after I have written my next post, I normally don’t go back and reply to comments.

  2. Chenai says:

    Hi Mary! I always check back to see if you’ve commented, but you don’t always. It makes me feel very self involved though, to need to see a comment to a comment. Sometimes there really isn’t anything to be said back to a commenter though…

    I used to get very worked up with interpersonal relationships, needing to see a reply to every comment or email or something. It used to hurt me a lot. I used to use facebook, a place where all the drama and insecurity of real life is just as present if you allow it to be. I quit because I found myself constantly checking to see if anyone had replied to my comments on their pictures, or my messages to them, or some other inane communication that I felt would validate our relationship, or the worth of what I had said to them and perhaps in some extended way my value to them. This is much more low key, more mellow. I hope I am making some sense.

    • You make perfect sense Chenai! I have often said that I am extremely grateful that there was no social media around when I was younger. I think it would have killed me. On blogs though, I like to think of it as a dialog, not a monolog. When no one comments, I wonder why I would do this. To me, that means no one is reading, and there is no point in a blog if no one reads it. I look at it as a conversation, and I wouldn’t like to talk with someone who sits as if they are a statue on Easter Island!

    • Marcia says:

      Chenai, If I may say so, your comment to Mary hit me where I live, emotionally. I see
      growth in your attitude which is what I used to think was becoming more “normal”, as if that were anything but a setting on a washing machine….All my super-sensitivity these many years ever got me was drunk; thank God it doesn’t have to be that way with me for today!Thank you.

  3. Hope says:

    I had to smile because I had checked yesterday’s post first to see if you had replied to comments before I came and read today’s post.
    I think the crack in the flagstone is fitting in the photo. When I am feeling the most broken the rosary is a solace.

    • There are blogs where I check yesterday’s post to see if there is a reply. And I love the replies. Even if they only say one word.

      I think saying the rosary every day in Lent is what saved my life this year. Meditating on the sorrowful mysteries every day was so profound for me.

  4. Kelly says:

    Love the picture! You have an eye for taking good shots. That is one of the neat things about your blog, I think.

    Yes, I do check back and see if you’ve replied to my comments. I’ve even replied to one of your replies before!

  5. Syd says:

    I do check back on your comments. Sometimes I even reply to your reply!
    I like the composition of the photo with the crack in it.

  6. jackie says:

    I do check comments, if I comment. I am watching/listening like a hawk because I am being backed into a corner at work. When I tell you I have to (ok, get too) pray through this stuff because without God I would have let the anger well up inside and let it spout out something like what your insensitive boss left you on that sticky. I did step work on relationships/resentments last weekend. and this week all XXXX hit the fan. MC you may not have disclosed some or even a lot of your angst during this past year or so but i hear it in your words. Thank you for being so incredibly REAL…..


    • Miss Jackie, thank you. I am sorry things are difficult for you at work. It is too many hours a day, and for some of us, too integral with who we are, to not be upsetting. And I see no reason why you wouldn’t say you HAVE to pray. I think you GET to have an ice cream cone, but you HAVE to pray!

  7. Daisyanon says:

    I wonder if there is a problem with settings somewhere. I haven’t seen a reply to a comment for ages. I checked back over the last few posts and there aren’t any replies from you. I see that others have reported similarly. This isn’t criticism, you are not obligated to reply. I feel honoured to able to read your blog and know you read all the comments.

  8. Kat Stephens says:

    I read you blog daily and relate to your work issues. I’m struggling too. I rarely comment, yet gain so much from witnessing your journey. Thx. Kat

  9. Annette says:

    LOVE getting your comments back. :o)

  10. atomicmomma says:

    Mary…..what a stunning photo! I think the crack in it is symbolic of us and how broken we are if we are apart from an active faith in God. This photo took my breath away and I’m going to see if I can print a copy on my own. You are such an artistic soul.

    I ALWAYS check back to see if you respond to my comments!!! But if you don’t respond that is okay too. I know that you have long days and get tired so you can’t always respond to comments.

    Counting down with you and I cannot wait for you to attend your Icon workshop and read what you have to say about the experience. I think your participation in this will be an act of worship that will continue to deepen your faith.

    • Thanks for sharing my excitement! And thank you for being a faithful commenter. There were days when comments on this blog were about the only good thing that happened.

  11. Pammie says:

    I don’t know how to comment back to a comment…….but maybe I should learn.
    And yes, I do go back to see yours OF COURSE my little kiwi nut.

    • Pammie, that was part of why I changed to WordPress from Blogger. I don’t believe you can reply to a specific comment on blogger. You can just post another comment.

      Glad you go back and read them, little parsley head.

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