I can wear white shoes today!!!

IMG_4825I don’t have any white shoes, but if I did, I could wear them today.  Right?  After Memorial Day?

I can also go to work today.  I am working out at the hospital this morning, and then back downtown this afternoon.  I hope to get this sick feeling out of my guts once I get going.

My daughters asked me to go see “Star Trek” with them yesterday.  It is not a movie I would normally go see, but it was so much fun to share popcorn in a cool theater on a hot day with my daughters.  It is also wonderful to see the things that happen as my daughter stays sober.  5 years ago, these twins did not even speak to each other.  They are slowly becoming friends again.  It takes a long time to rebuild trust when it has been destroyed.  Sometimes it never happens, but thankfully, in this case it seems to be happening.

I am sad to say that I think my running career is over.  I was still so sore yesterday that I got nothing done.  Not painting the deck, not scraping the paint, not cleaning the house, nothing.  Nada.  I cannot live my life like this.  I think my age might have finally caught up to me.  I know others who run into their 60s and 70s, but it now appears I not one of them.  This is sad.   Maybe I can still go out and do 2 and 3 miles at a time, but I think the LSDs are over (Long Slow Distances).

Here’s what’s good:

I have a job.  I have worked for the same employer for nearly 19 years.  I am well loved, even in my current workplace.  My current boss would tell anyone she loves me, she is just not good at treating people well.  I am going back to a place where I am known and loved.   I love them right back.  And I will be doing work that I feel is important to a very forgotten and minimized population.

My children are lovely people.  They are all different varieties of lovely people, but lovely people they are all.

Even though my running career may be over, I am still blessed with extremely good health.  When you’re young, this sounds like a crazy thing to be grateful for, but as we age and face illnesses, we realize that health is such a blessing.

I have to work only 4 days this week and then I am on vacation!  Will be prayerfully doing another icon for a solid week.  Thank you God!

I could go on and on, to the point where I would be late for work.  So, I shall just get myself moving in a forward direction in hope and faith that God shall see me through another day.





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8 Responses to I can wear white shoes today!!!

  1. Chenai says:

    I’ve always found those fashion rules so restrictive. Don’t wear white after labour day, don’t wear horizontal stripes etc etc etc. But some people like the structure that fashion rules provide.

    Sorry about being really sore and thinking your running career is over. Maybe there’s something else you can do to give your body a boost? Have you tried swimming? It’s much easier on the joints. I like swimming, but ofcourse you have to get in the car and drive to a pool. And the scene is mostly in your head cause there’s nothing pretty to see when swimming laps as when you are running in the wild. Maybe cycling? Enjoy your Tuesday.

    • I do like to swim, but there is all that chlorine, so bad for skin and hair. And then there is the doing the hair and make up after the swim. I had a bad accident on my bike now 8 years ago and the fear has never left me. I don’t know what I am going to do!

  2. Annette says:

    Ok this is one of those times where I am *compelled* to say something that I KNOW that you know….but I just have to. (Thats my “disease” you know…telling everyone what to do and what I think. lol) Did you build up to your 11 mile run? Or did you go out thinking you did it just a few months ago, it will be fine.

    Ok thats all I am going to say about that!

    It sounds like a beautiful day is waiting for you. And vacation next week! Whoo hoo! I will be staying with a client all next week in her beautiful home in a gated community….I tell my family I am going to my vacation home, because it is so nice there and so comfortable and so restful, despite bieing responsible for the care of someone who is very physically disabled. We create art work together, we can read, watch movies, cook, I sleep in a luxuriously comfortable bed…..and I am paid well for this week. I often feel like I should be paying them for letting me stay!

    • Annette, I did work my way up to it. I kept up a base of fitness through the winter, and I have been increasing mileage since March. Over the winter I backed off more than I usually do, but that was long ago now!

      I am sure client enjoys you being there.

  3. Syd says:

    I’m thinking that the short distances, along with walking or bicycling will be good. I have been told over and over that running is bad for the joints and am convinced of it for me. My broken toes and knee pain get worse when I run. Anyway, happy for the vacation. I can remember how a few days off sounded like heaven.

    • I am not convinced that running is bad for you in general. It is a great preventer of osteoporosis. You just have to be exceedingly careful, especially as you age. And then, some people just can’t do it because of toes, or knees, or whatever issues they have. Right now I am a tiny bit jealous, because I don’t want to do this anymore 😦

  4. Pammie says:

    I am thinking that you will always be a physical activity searching person and those activities will simply change as time goes by. I’m glad your vacation does not include a trip to the east coast this year……….you need a break from drama (hee hee).

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