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An Ordinary Thursday Afternoon

I was in a triathlon on Saturday morning.  I had broken 2 ribs in August, so I had not trained.  I had kept walking daily throughout my recovery, and tried swimming and biking in the last couple of weeks and … Continue reading

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I’ve got a problem

Two weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I heard a great deal of sawing and clinking and wood being thrown around.  I wondered who was doing all this work, and looked out the window, but didn’t see anything. Later I … Continue reading

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I’m finding myself changing, without even meaning to. I’m finding a ridiculous amount of joy in knitting with the ladies on Friday night.  They are some amazing women!  There are more masters degrees and PhDs among that little group of … Continue reading

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Finding some joy

As I was browsing my photos to find one to post this morning, I came across a series of toddler selfies my youngest granddaughter took last year.  They are so fun, and of course, make me painfully aware that those … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday Morning

Note:  I can see that I should have cleaned the lens of my camera, I didn’t really intend for these photos to have a “misty-moody” look, but they do. Part 1 of 2 mitts for my 14 year old granddaughter. … Continue reading

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Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

In preparing for my sister’s visit, I have been working every weekend on getting my house visitor-ready.  I am now on the last frontier – my bedroom.  I am ashamed to admit that in a stack of shoeboxes, that I … Continue reading

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Ads v. $30. per annum

There is a pumpkin patch in one of the courtyards at work.  It is so pretty!  I opted to post a photo of a pumpkin blossom.  I will keep you posted…. I am pretty mad at wordpress at the moment. … Continue reading

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Mum’s the Word

It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the bed barely needed to be made this morning.  My morning coffee is wonderful in the cooler, damp morning. It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the … Continue reading

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Stuff to do on a Staycation

I began work on this hat yesterday.  It is not done yet, as you can see the circular needle is at top.  I don’t like making it and I don’t really like the hat.  I thought it was going to … Continue reading

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Monday of Vacation Week

  Look at what I did to my nails!  A friend told me about some do-it-yourself gel nails, and I added glitter.  Just for vacation.  Last month I spent $60. at the nail salon, guess what is not happening this … Continue reading

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