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Another Year, Another Tulip

This brave little soul just decided to bloom today.  It is 73 º outside, so it has been fooled.  It is supposed to be nearly 80 tomorrow, and then a huge snowstorm on Wednesday.  Ah, life in Colorado. An old … Continue reading

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Snowy Tuesday Morning

There’s a little mouse I knit for my cat, with a little bit of organic catnip placed strategically inside.  I hid it from her for a half a day because I knew she would “ruin” it, and I thought it … Continue reading

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Spring flowers

Three weeks ago everything here was buried under several feet of snow.  The lilac bush was flattened under the weight of the snow and was laying on the ground.  Mother Nature is capable of incredible recovery!  This is amazing to … Continue reading

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Over the weekend I purchased my flowers for the summer.  Instead of the planters I usually fill and place on my front porch and back deck, I purchased two plants! and placed them into pots.  That’s it.  $50.  including the … Continue reading

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Waking to Birds Singing

This is a photo of my “love” rosebush last summer.  Xcel Energy dug up my back yard last fall very near this bush.  It is no longer alive this year.  It was my oldest rosebush, it makes me sad.  I … Continue reading

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Running Saturday

I wake up and look at this scene every morning – I painted it last summer and it is hanging on my bedroom wall.  It is a beautiful photograph, but when painted, it looks kinda crooked and phony. Since Lent, … Continue reading

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Ten Degrees and Snowy

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my neighbor and I removed the “girdling roots” from the large ash tree in my front yard.  I am now afraid that Syd will say “You have now killed your tree!!!”  I hope not.  If … Continue reading

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2 Days till Spring

  It is not quite spring yet, but very close.  I feel as though it is spring in my heart for several reasons: We have a new Pope.  He seems to be a breath of fresh air for our Church. … Continue reading

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