Where to go? What to do?

IMG_6597I can see that I am at a crossroads in my life.

  • I am in a new job.
  • I am not 40, I am 61, and I feel every second of it.
  • My hobby of the last 10 years, running, is O-V-E-R.
  • Nothing else much appeals.

As I see it, I have been given the opportunity for new life.  It is time for new things.  The old things won’t work.  Remember the parable about the new wine in the old wineskin?  Or the patch of unshrunk cloth on the old garment?  (Matthew 9:16-17) I think that is where I am.

I need to find new things.  New ways of fitness, not running, no races.  I have a race on August 10, and I do believe that will be it for me.  I am only doing it because I want the medal, it is cute, a gold pan.  I want to do Tai Chi, but can’t find a class even remotely close to me.  And the classes that are far are expensive.

The blog I think has seen better days.  I cannot continue to come here and write about my job every day.

I can write about “topics,” but those cannot be done on the spur of the moment on a daily basis.  Today I would love to write about the Pope and what he is being quoted as saying – as if it were a departure of some sort from church teaching.  I’ll just say it in one sentence:  It is not a departure.  I guess you would need to have an understanding of church teaching to understand that.  I could write about that, but then I would need to drag my catechism out and find the appropriate paragraphs.

Actually, I wouldn’t have to “drag” it out.  It is sitting right here at my desk after flying out of my bookcase on Sunday afternoon.  I was in my bedroom on a perfectly silent Sunday afternoon.  No one else in the house.  I heard a loud bam! from the living room – I came out and the catechism was about 3 feet away from the bookcase, splayed open at the section on the Trinity.  That’s not spooky, right?

I have another long day ahead.  I think they will get better after this week.  I have got major staff stuff going on.  Here’s something that was nice to hear:  At the retirement party for the woman who is leaving, her husband told me that she would not have retired if she had known I was coming back.  I said “She can change her mind!!! Really!!!” He said that she had her paperwork in and didn’t want to go through all of that.  I am glad for her that she is able to retire.  But I am sad for me because she is the backbone of my department, not to mention that fact that I know, trust, and love her.

I’m extremely tired and I am sure that shows in the words I have written here today.  How ’bout I pray for you all today, and ask you to do the same for me?

Sounds like a plan.


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6 Responses to Where to go? What to do?

  1. Annette says:

    Mary, what’s going on Love? I think it’s been established that your blog is a lifeline to many. Of course you need to do whatever works for you and your new life, and we all would understand that….but know that just as you write each day is ministering to people.
    I want to know about the pope too! What’s he up to?
    I watched a movie the other night called The Way with Martin sheen about walking the Camino DeSantiago trail in Spain. Really good but it had a lot of “catholic stuff” in it and I was wishing I could discuss it with you because I sat there thinking, “oh Mary would know about this.”
    Hiking is great btw. Backpacking to beautiful places. I love it! Mary…..(((hug)))

  2. Chenai says:

    I feel you could write about anything and I would still read. I hope you find a new hobby!

  3. Kelly says:

    An exchange of prayers- that sounds good.

  4. Syd says:

    Hobbies and passionate activities are what keep me young in many ways. I hope to continue and tailor what I do as I get older. There is so much to do here on the coast. I hardly have time to do all those things that I want. Life feels good again.

  5. Dede says:

    I too, love reading anything you write. I enjoy your voice, no matter the subject.

  6. sue tegland says:

    Yes, you touch many lives when you write. You are a powerful and clear writer, and what you convey touches many.
    I too have been at a crossroads as far as what do I pick up to do. Even though I am actually busy, I feel the need for some hobby or creative effort that is a touchstone. And also, I resonate with the idea that you feel the differing energies of last year and this year, sort of like the rivers of both meeting and creating an eddy. It doesn’t move forward, but there is still energy there. The flow will return. Some thing happen quickly, some slowly, just like recovery…

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